Future’s so bright, you’re going to need to shield them with some of the best stylish sunglasses.

While we can’t exactly predict what 2021 has in store for us, it’s imperative that we stay positive and manifest a bright future for the coming year. After all, the law of attraction only works when we truly believe in it. To start you off, why not get some sunglasses to shield you from this bright future?

Not everyone’s going to have the same opinion when it comes to which are the best sunglasses. There are functional styles, and then there are stylish ones that only certain face shapes can pull off. Nonetheless, we have a guide to help you purchase some of the latest and trendiest sunglasses — whether for yourself or for a friend.

For those who like it classic

Top: Prada PR02WS, RM1,399; Bottom: Burberry BE4320, RM929

The classic sunglasses shapes are perfect for those who enjoy longevity in their style and something that can withstand the test of time. But classic styles don’t have to be boring, as these ones from Burberry prove. With its clear grey frames in an aviator style, the sunglasses maintain a modern and sleek look without being too loud. Conversely, the Prada PR02WS shades are nice and oversized with a timeless shape. It stays modern with several colourways and geometric prints for a 3D illusion. We like the deep burgundy and dark tortoiseshell combination for a luxe look.

For those who eat adrenaline for breakfast

Got a friend who’s into hardcore adventures and has probably ticked most of the extreme sports off their bucket list? They’ll probably do it again, so get them some sunnies that are both stylish and functional for their sport. Polarised sunglasses, as stylish as they look with their vibrant colours and mirrored lenses, are actually functional. The polarised lenses work to prevent light glare from hitting you directly in your eyes — these make it perfect for those who practise outdoor sports in the daylight. Cop the Oakley OO9463A in a myriad of colourways, or the sleek wraparound Ray-Ban RB4332 shades that will prevent dirt and dust from flying into the eyes.

For the party animal

Party season is, unfortunately, not as happening as it used to be. But you can make your party animal friend feel just a little better by gifting some glamorous sunglasses to go with their equally glamorous outfits for whatever intimate gathering they’re headed to this festive season. We like the Coach HC8297U in its cute blush pink frames and the decorative chain hardware on the browline. On the same pink wavelength are the Emporio Armani EA2095 sunglasses with metal frames and ombre lenses that come in both pink and a stunning periwinkle colour.

For the hype kids

Got a friend that’s too cool to be true? Do they stay up late to get raffles for the latest sneakers and wear asymmetrical clothing from indie brands that aren’t on your radar? Then you’ll have to get them these sunglasses for Christmas. The geometrical Emporio Armani EA2111 shades are impossibly cool and come with a visor that you can put up or down. Meanwhile, the Burberry BE3123 with the clear frames are extremely futuristic and come in five different monochromatic colourways to match your giftee’s monochromatic outfits.

These sunglasses are available for purchase at Sunglass Hut.

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PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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