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WYNKA and Debbie Goh curate an all-inclusive collection inspired by womanhood

Borneo-based brand WYNKA joins forces with Debbie Goh to create a collection that represents the different phases of womanhood.

She wears grace and romance as sleeves, perfection is her silhouette; she wears confidence as a crown on her head. These are the words that WYNKA lives by, and they are clearly evident in the latest WYNKAxDebbie collection.

Inspired by their own personal experiences living as working mothers and combined with their shared desire for a sophisticated alternative to everyday wear, founder  of WYNKA, Karen Lau and actress Debbie Goh team up to curate the WYNKAxDebbie collection to celebrate the unbroken journey of womanhood.

Debbie Goh

As a little girl, Goh worked with her mother — an excellent tailor who took in sewing jobs to support their family — making clothes that they would then proudly wear. This collaboration is truly a dream come true for Goh, who has loved fashion from such a young age, and is now able to have her designs worn by friends and other women.

As a celebrity of many talents — from acting, producing and entrepreneurship, and even winning the Miss Malaysia Chinese International pageant — Goh exemplifies versatility and we can see that it shines through in the WYNKAxDebbie collection, too.

Debbie Goh rocking the ALLURE wrap dress from the collection.

The focal point of the WYNKAxDebbie collection is the flexibility of the designs, ranging from loungewear, date night and workwear-chic, in an effort to portray women in every element they are presented with.

The quality of being versatile is truly the collection’s highlight, anchored by WYNKA’s signature ruffles, silhouette-enhancing layers and bold prints with pretty florals. Merged with Goh’s flair for building a flexible wardrobe, the WYNKAxDebbie collection strives to be all-inclusive — there is something for everyone. Whether it’s through pops of colour, balloon sleeves, or jumpsuits, you’ll be sure to love every piece.

The WYNKAxDebbie collection is available for purchase online, priced from RM899.