We now live in a world where gender lines are blurred beyond recognition, and masculinity is no longer defined by a set of given rules, but a state of mind. This includes embracing the concept of vulnerability, taking risks to surpass notions, and coming to terms with both inner strengths and weaknesses.

This newfound sense of fragility and acceptance of failure has ignited courage amongst men all over the world. Zegna is looking to pave the way for deeper conversation on this once-taboo topic with #WhatMakesAMan, a campaign that melds the brand’s storied tailoring roots with the fluidity of new-age masculinity seamlessly.

(Image credit: Ermenegildo Zegna)

This campaign comes effortlessly for the 110-year-old Italian house. Long known for their bold and empowering silhouettes, Zegna has championed an evolutive mindset from the get-go, giving gentlemen around the world a means to express themselves both inside and out. It was also only natural for Mahershala Ali to serve as the face for the campaign. The versatile actor has, after all, spent years honing the craft of storytelling, depicting and embodying many shades of masculinity throughout his career.

In true Zegna spirit, #WhatMakesAMan is a showcase of its timeless modern pieces alongside qualities such as love, failure, fight, risk, and freedom. The list isn’t limited though; Zegna hopes this will open the door to more ideas and conversations in the future while empowering men to see kindness and openness as a supreme form of strength.

The evocative project will also see white T-shirts that are juxtaposed by scribbled handwritten notes to make for a powerful piece to any ensemble. Now all you need is to be bold enough to make the statement.

Watch the video below to see Ali in action.


Shatricia Nair
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