Not gonna lie, we absolutely can’t get enough of the Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book collection. Drawing inspiration from nature itself, the series boasts pieces that are plenty-bejewelled and crafted with the highest finesse to mimic the natural world. Think brooches of exotic birds where each gem is purposefully cut to reflect the colours as accurately as possible to the real thing.

For the stylish and practical, keep your eyes out for the range of An Ode to the Wild watches made with 18k white gold with a range of designs for the faces. There are a variety of accessory options, from Golden Fronds earrings inspired by palm leaves, to necklaces inspired by magical berries. While we enjoy layering our bling sometimes, it’s also important to have several stand-out pieces that work wonders just worn by themselves, much like a classic pearl necklace.

If you love your jewels and are looking for new pieces to add to your collection, (or even to gift to momma) here’s 5 prettiest pieces from the Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book collection for your viewing pleasure and consideration.

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Birds of Paradise

These exotic birds are actually brooches, intricately crafted with mostly custom-cut stones to mimic the actual flutter and movement of the real things. Incredibly delicate and carefully made, we could stare at them for hours in admiration.


Golden Fronds

Capturing the energy of the tropical rainforests and how palm fronds move when the wind passes through them, these stunning creations are made with 18k yellow gold and cushion-cut yellow and white diamonds. Already tantalising by how they look, we’re blown away by the design and how each ‘frond’ reacts to wind the same way its natural muse would.


An Ode to the Wild

Practical as it is beautiful, we’re big fans of jewelled watches for obvious reasons — the ability to tell the time while being effortlessly stylish. This blue dragonfly-inspired piece is crafted with 18k white gold using the highest level of savoir-faire and decoration techniques by the masters.


Natural Beauty

This necklace is inspired by the miracle berry that miraculously changes anything sour to sweet. 42 oval tourmalines are custom-cut into a succulent shape to maximise radiance, running through a weaved chain wrapped in diamonds that creates a graphic contrast. The pendant is made from 18k yellow gold, shaped into palm fronds suspended by a pave diamond sphere.


Tropical Brilliance

Perfect as a glamorous touch on summer accessories, these bejewelled tropical leaves are fitted with intricate mixed-cut diamonds. Pair with a simple black dress and minimal accessories for an elegant evening look.