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These 7 jewels and jadeites up for the Phillips Hong Kong auction will turn you green with envy

The Jewels and Jadeites auction is shaping up to be a good follow-up to the previous one organised by Phillips Asia in Hong Kong earlier in May 2017. With around 140 dazzling pieces of incredible jewellery going under the hammer, the one-year-old jewellery event is sure to satisfy the growing demand from connoisseurs and collectors in Asia come 27 November.

A rare green diamond weighing almost 6 carats leads the highlights of the Jewels and Jadeite Fall 2017 auction. Terry Chu, the head of Phillips Asia’s Jewellery Department, said the star lot is prized for its rich, uniform and saturated green colour, as well as its remarkable size.

“Over the course of history, only a small number of green diamonds have been unearthed or documented and, as a result, the gem remains elusive from the public eye. In the past decade, increased scholarship, awareness and a rising demand for extraordinarily coloured diamonds have prompted the green diamond’s ascension in popularity,” Chu said.

But if you already have too many rare diamonds in your collection, you’re sure to find love in the British auctioneer’s green collection of Colombia emeralds and valuable jadeites. Other options include unheated Burmese pigeon’s blood rubies, Zimmi diamonds, as well as vintage jewellery and Art Deco pieces that are worth bidding for.

To give you a little more prodding to book your next Hong Kong flight for the auction, we ranked the seven jewels and jadeites that we love.


Fancy intense green diamond

Often pricier than other coloured diamonds, green diamonds with light to rich and deep colours are extremely rare. While diamonds with a pure green hue barely exceed 2 carats with lower clarity grade, this exceptional 5.62-carat gem actually has a VS clarity. It’s no wonder this cushion-shaped fancy intense green diamond headlines Jewels and Jadeites Fall auction of Phillips Hong Kong this year. It’s estimated to be worth from RM11,896,000 to 14,058,000

Jadeite bangle

As the Chinese grow wealthier, so does their appetite for jadeites. Considered more valuable than jade, these green gemstones that come exclusively from Myanmar have higher quality in terms of colour, texture, and transparency. One very fine example is this bangle. Carved with great balance and excellent proportion from the highest quality boulder, this majestic Burmese piece comes with an attractive emerald green colour throughout. It’s expected to fetch from RM7,843,000 to RM9,194,000 under the hammer.

Burmese ruby and diamond necklace

Rubies mined from the legendary Mogok Valley in Myanmar have long been hailed as the gem equivalent of a Rembrandt painting. They are naturally saturated with an intense colour and vitality that the international auction market just got to have them, especially the unheated Burmese ‘pigeon’s blood’ rubies like this necklace. Weighing an astonishing 56.55 carats, it’s fashioned with yellow and white gold as well as diamonds in an enigmatic design. Its worth is estimated to be around RM5,139,000 to RM7,032,000.

Colombian emerald and diamond ring

Colombian emeralds rival Zambian emeralds when it comes to rich colours, beauty, and perfection. And this impressive 19.90-carat May birthstone and diamond ring is no exception. Unlike most emeralds, this rare stone did not undergo any treatment with filler substances like oil or resin to enhance its even and saturated bluish-green colour and an excellent natural clarity. Its estimated value is between RM4,866,000 to RM6,489,000.

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring

Diamond lovers will surely lose sleep over this vivid yellow diamond ring. Weighing 8.09 carats, this gorgeous diamond originated from Zimmi mines in Sierra Leone — a region renowned for producing the best yellow diamonds in the world. Aside from its eye-catching colour, this ‘Zimmi Yellow’ diamond ring also features a pear-shaped diamond the size of which is rarely seen in fancy diamonds of this size. It is estimated to fetch a price ranging from RM2,975,000 to RM3,400,000.

Jadeite double-gourd and diamond Earrings

An impressive pair of jadeite double-gourd and diamond earrings will also be put under the hammer this season. Each mounted with a stunning carved jadeite gourd or hulu, these drop earrings feature a minimalistic design. Despite its traditional motif, this design still affords a bold contemporary finish, allowing each gourd to be transformed into a pendant. Its value is estimated to around RM2,433,000 to RM2,975,000.

Antique Diamond Tiara

Phillips Hong Kong also includes a collection of vintage jewellery pieces, which have been gaining popularity in the region. This prompted the British auctioneer to include a mid-19th century tiara that features a unique and versatile design. It is made with a delicate floral garland that can also be worn as three separate brooches for modern-day princesses. It will be available for an estimated selling price ranging from RM173,000 to RM206,000.