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Give the gift of timeless classics with Cartier this Christmas

Gifting jewellery during Christmas might be a common move, but it’s still a bold one. Choosing the right type and style is certainly no easy task, given its prestige. It’s also a highly subjective task – what you might think the receiver will like could certainly be the other way round. That’s why, even the boldest men can break out in cold sweat while attempting to pick the perfect piece of jewellery.

While it can be challenging to pick the right piece, might we say that any of these pieces from Cartier will put you on the right track? Fashion may come and go, but your loved ones will definitely hang on to these jewellery pieces from Cartier until the end of time. Here are our suggestions:

Clash de Cartier is a two-sided jewellery collection. At the heart of its line, duality is what set the collection apart from the rest. It’s a match of opposites with the use of the brand’s iconic studs, beads and clous carré in a singular ribbed mesh. The pieces are stunning and unique in its own way where the brand combines different elements and place them together. It’s sharp but soft to the touch; geometrical yet holds feminine features; mechanical but has fludity. It’s what Cartier labels as “an expression of duality, dynamic tension and a clash of attitude”.

Panthère de Cartier is another icon from the brand. It’s an ever-evolving idea but still embodies its true essence: a celebratory hedonistic and ultra-feminine spirit. Two new faces; the manchette watch has been redesigned to hold more fluidity, with a dial that is off-centred and a partly open-worked chain that reveals the skin. In the mini watch, proportion is key. It’s a replica of the original model but brought to new heights of elegance.

Photos: Cartier

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