For the past several years, jewellery has become a popular form of expression as compared to clothing items and makeup. There are several designs in the market but animal-inspired pieces are usually the ones people reach out to and we see why.

Animals have their own unique personality and traits, which makes them ‘spiritually’ relatable to human beings as well. So it’s pretty much of an easy task to find one animal-inspired jewellery piece that sings with our characteristics and flaunt it to everyone. These can also be a memento to some as a remembrance.

Each of these jewellery brands has their signature animal. For example, Cartier uses the panther as their symbol — a timeless icon that is predatory yet elegant. While Bulgari‘s Serpenti line employs the serpent that represents wisdom, vitality, and seduction as their main inspiration. Both can be seen evidently throughout the designs within their respective collection.

No matter which creature you choose to represent you, style them with elegance and flair. It doesn’t take a lot to bring out the animal instinct in you.

Cartier's Panthère de Cartier

A symbol of strength and playfulness, the Panthère de Cartier is a 18K yellow gold and black lacquer ring. Tsavorite garnets are used for the eyes while the nose is studded in black onyx.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier

Van Cleef & Arpels' Two Butterfly pendant

Van Cleef & Arpels has a whole jewellery section dedicated to the fauna — one of the brand’s favourite sources of inspiration. The delicate design of this Two Butterfly pendant catches the eye, with shimmering round pink sapphires, white gold, as well as round and marquise-cut diamonds encased in pink gold.

Van Cleef & Arpels Two Butterfly pendant


Bulgari's Serpenti bracelet

The bracelet wraps around your wrist with its jewelled scales, using a method called Tubolare to give each piece the life-like pliability of a snake. The serpent’s piercing gaze is represented by Bulgari’s hallmark; two piercing emeralds that are also a nod to the collection’s colourful roots. This is the newest version of the Serpenti bracelet.

Bulgari Serpenti bracelet


Chopard's Magnificent Hummingbird necklace

Animal World is Chopard’s Anniversary Collection. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, 150 unique animal-themed pieces have been released, including this beautiful piece of necklace. It is designed as a diamond and pink sapphire hummingbird, drinking from a lotus flower.

Chopard Magnificent Hummingbird necklace

Boucheron's Wolf necklace

Boucheron captures the strength of the wolf in this necklace. The centrepiece, paved with diamonds in white gold, hangs on emerald and malachite beads that strike a contrast with the diamond coat of the wild creature.

Boucheron Wolf necklace



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