A personality has multiple facets — a saying that we all know very well. It often applies to a person’s character, and rarely for objects but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Clash de Cartier, the newest jewellery novelty by Cartier is said to be like the above — a two-sided jewel. It’s attributed to be a jewellery collection that “shakes up the heritage of the Maison” with the use of the brand’s iconic studs, beads and clous carré into a singular, ribbed mesh. The design may be the biggest reason for its success but the heart of the line, its duality, sets them apart from the rest.

A match of opposites may not be something unheard of but Cartier has pushed it beyond the boundaries of what everyone expects from a high-end jewellery brand. A stunning piece that is sharp but soft to the touch; geometrical but generously sized and feminine; mechanical but free to move. It is exactly as what Cartier described ‘an expression of duality, dynamic tension and a “clash” of attitude’.

English-Brazilian actress, Kaya Scodelario is the face of Clash de Cartier. The actress captures the duality of the collection, cultivates two facets of the same energy in a stylish balancing act which she portrayed in a campaign film directed by Gordon Von Steiner.

“Like the Clash de Cartier collection, the actress combines the aristocratic codes with a touch of irreverence and elegance.”
Arnaud Carrez, International Marketing and Communications Director at Cartier International.
Clash de Cartier is fixed yet movable. Check out the gallery below some of the outstanding pieces from the collection.

Jolin Lee
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