It seems more large fashion houses are debuting jewellery collections as Louis Vuitton has just launched its own, hot on the heels of Prada. The selection features an array of rings, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, pendants and chain necklaces, paying tribute to the iconic star-shaped flower monogram introduced by Georges-Louis Vuitton in 1896.

The collection brings the delicate beauty of the flower monogram to life once again, brilliantly illuminated by exquisite diamonds, precious stones and gold. The striking four-sided floral motif has been reimagined and reinterpreted to take the form of a stylish spherical stamp. It’s clearly meant to make a statement.

A new underlying strength permeates the seemingly dainty symbol, which seems perfectly in sync with the French brand’s aim to meld attitude with playfulness. After all, the B Blossom collection is meant to attract the modern, confident woman who knows what she wants and is proud of her femininity.  

The collection includes  seven rings, which can be worn individually or stacked for impact. These are available in malachite, onyx, white agate, pink opal, diamonds or plain gold (both yellow and pink gold). In addition, there are three statement signet rings, featuring carved stones and pavé diamonds.

The selection boasts a gorgeous gold bracelet, adorned with pearls, diamonds and onyx, as well. The slender piece wraps around the wrist with bold yet feminine grace. The pretty flower monogram also appears as a charming diamond-studded pendant with a round bead set in a square frame, to be worn on both short and long necklaces. The circular shapes of the complementing earrings highlight the geometric look of these chic chains.

There is an effortless elegance that runs through the B Blossom Collection, which is quite impressive, considering the intricate detailing and subtle nuances in each individual creation. And this where Louis Vuitton’s impeccable craftsmanship and enviable know-how comes into play. For however complicated the piece, the heart of the collection, the star-shaped flower set in diamonds and gold, always presents itself in a meticulously refined, beautiful setting.