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Malaysian jewellery brand Yukimoto is the epitome of prime artisanship

Here’s everything you need to know about Malaysian and homegrown jewellery brand, Yukimoto — founded by Michel Ong.

This is a story of what happens when passion and determination intertwine for good. A success story that shows that something positive can come out of bad times. And it all began in the backseat of a car. Like an “a-ha” moment — the sunlight on Michel Ong‘s wrist beckoned a brand new start. It’s the birth of Yukimoto, a Malaysian jewellery brand that has gradually grown to be where it is today.

Growing in Penang, Michel’s interests in fashion and all things beautiful took her on a life-changing journey. Before establishing her online business in 2018, the jewellery creator and founder of Yukimoto was in pursuit of her dreams of being a celebrity. However, her foray into the realm of jewellery did not take place out of nowhere. In fact, her venture began as a child — with the belief in crystal powers that her mother had. In addition, a silver, red and purple mineral she discovered in her bathroom also played a massive role in her and Yukimoto’s narratives. Possessing a Brazilian Aka Melody Super Seven crystal bracelet at the time, Michel then decided that things needed to change.

Fast forward five years later, Yukimoto has become a household name and a definite homegrown brand to watch. The “Yuk” in Yukimoto comes from the founder’s middle name whereas “oto” actually means online to offline. So yes, you read that right. With its very own showroom in Bangsar’s Menara BRDB, Yukimoto now has a brick-and-mortar space where guests can actually get up close and personal with the creations. The brand’s concept lies in its natural stones and their healing properties — fused together with contemporary jewellery designs.

Wondering what sets the jewellery name apart from the rest? For starters, gems here come from a variety of countries. They include the likes of India, Thailand, the United States, Myanmar, Brazil and Canada among others. Secondly, every design is handcrafted by Malaysian and Japanese craftsmen. Last but not least, it can also be alluded to Michel’s impressive eye for style and aesthetics.

In an effort to encourage confidence, Yukimoto has also introduced the coordinates: 22° 88’ 44N and 86° 13’ 43W. No, it doesn’t actually exist on Earth. If you’re already scratching your head, we’re here to let you know that it’s all part of the brand’s ethos. After all, it’s all about the notion of being limitless as human beings. Artisanship truly takes the spotlight here.

Now, having come a long way, Yukimoto offers everything from bracelets and necklaces to earrings and bangles. They have also introduced an array of collections, such as Candy Tourmaline, Love Series, Rock Crystal and Jade Bangle. Most recently, the jewellery brand unveiled its newest collection after a long delay because of the pandemic. Inspired by a mysterious countryside in England, “A Yard By The Other Name” is all about being one with the fascinating nature.

At the core of “A Yard By The Other Name” are the gems curated specially for the collection. Pearls are meant to signify joy and balance whereas amethysts are symbols of loyalty and sincerity. Rock crystals and jadeite also complete the combination that led to the formation of the aforementioned collection. These four components, alongside 14k gold material, shimmer like stars on bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

The next time you’re in need of a new jewellery piece that’s unique yet timeless, you know where to go. Yukimoto’s motto of “Classically Yours” is a testament to that. And with founder Michel Ong’s drive to succeed, it’s only a matter of time before Yukimoto steps into the next chapter of its short but bountiful adventure. As a local name, the brand also proves that artisanal jewellery can thrive right here in Malaysia.

Learn more about Yukimoto HERE.

(All photos by Yukimoto)

Malaysian jewellery brand Yukimoto is the epitome of prime artisanship

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