We might be wearing masks, but it certainly isn’t stopping us from donning statement earrings.

Have you noticed how more and more women (and some men) seem to have jewellery crawling all up their ears lately? Close to the lobe, on the cuff, dangling behind, or just dancing along, it seems that in 2020, when it comes to earrings, anything goes.

Long our favourite kind of earring, this has given the statement earring in 2020 a new definition. They’re simultaneously minimalist (think, cuffs, climbers, and crawlers) and bold (think, studded cuffs, odd shapes, and mismatched pairings). They look like they don’t sit entirely right or comfortably, but somehow they make it work. In many ways, they’re a metaphor for how we feel in this wicked-and-wild year.

Embracing that we can’t wear cocktail earrings or large drop earrings like we used to (they get stuck in our designer face mask), the minimalist statement earring makes a real statement for our current times. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourites; let us know what you think.

[Hero Image Credit: Éliou; Featured Image Credit: Anita Ko]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok

Éliou Regina Gold-Plated Pearl Ear Cuff

If you read our website regularly, you’ll know that Éliou is one of our absolute favourite brands. Always playful, always cheeky, we couldn’t start our list without them. This ear cuff sits low on the ear, cast from gold-plated metal in a hoop silhouette that is strung with eight freshwater pearls and beads. The kind of accessory that needs to no other to accompany it. You’re dressed. Let’s go.

approx. RM605
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Sarah & Sebastian Buoy Gold Vermeil Pearl Ear Cuffs

This one’s a bit more of a tease. Just how 2020 has us tangled in all sorts of emotions, these Sarah & Sebastian ear cuffs are holding onto your dear ears like we are to our dear sanity. That was melodramatic, but you get the gist. And these earrings get that 2020 is a bit of a wacky one. We love the swirling gold design with the illusion of two pearls floating just above your ears. Easy to wear and impressive to show off.

approx. RM1,210
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Nausheen Shah x Monica Sordo Clausina Coated Gold-Plated Earrings

We love a good juxtaposition between something that is minimalist and so bold at the same time. Enter these Nausheen Shah x Monica Sordo earrings. The mismatched pair features a sculptured hammered silhouette from brass, where one is plated in gold and the other is sipped in marine blue paint. A great way to snazz up an evening ensemble.

approx. RM1,483
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CompletedWorks Bend In The River Gold Vermeil Ear Cuff

There’s ear cuffs and then there’s continuous ear cuffs. For those who can’t bear just wearing one, this CompletedWorks set considers itself ‘wearable art,’ and to be honest, we fully subscribe to it. Easy to slip on, the piece is pretty versatile given that you could wear it up top or further down the lobe, and don’t even have to commit to wearing any other pieces. We find comfort in things that are easy. It’s been a year.

approx. RM1,024
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Begüm Khan Sirena Gold-Plated Crystal Clip Earrings

Inspired by the deep blue seas, if you’re craving for a beach vacation, these Begüm Khan earrings should be your go-to. We love the way the gold-plated metal pair clips to the ear, each encrusted with a row of crystals for each tentacle of the starfish. Pair with a neat up-do for a sophisticated and elegant dinner look.

approx. RM3,343
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Jennifer Fisher Set of Three Gold-Plated Ear Cuffs

Jennifer Fisher’s set of three ear cuffs proves that sometimes the most minimal pieces can make the greatest impact. Ideal for wearing solo or stacking with other styles, they’re cast from gold-plated brass in alternating open-ended shapes. Very boho-chic.

approx. RM816
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Anita Ko Safety Pin 18-Karat Gold Sapphire Earring

Sometimes we wish a safety pin could come to our rescue in real life, and other times we just enjoy the fact that fashion jewellery has evolved so much that we can wear them as earrings. The safety pin earring has been spotted on the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kendall Jenner, and in Anita Ko’s version comes cast from polished 18-karat gold with hand-set 0.52 carats of sapphires. Sapphires also happen to be the September birthstone, so there’s no better time to flaunt it.

approx. RM4,270
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Jennifer Meyer Love You 18-Karat Gold Earrings

We’re ending our list on a warm note. Logomania in earrings has kind of come and gone, but words are still a bit of a trend. Hand-cast from 18-karat gold, we love these Jennifer Meyer earrings for their beautiful simplicity. Gift them to someone you adore or keep them for yourself, but above all else: stay safe out there. Love you.

approx. RM2,452
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