After all, isn’t nature the best work of art?

These newly debuted couture creations add an extra dose of drama and glamour to the natural world. For countless artists, musicians and craftsmen through the ages, the natural world has always been a brimming source of inspiration.

As for the jewellery world, blossoming florals and lively animals, repainted in sparkling gemstones and kaleidoscopic palettes, have always been a timeless subject. This year, scenic shots of nature continue to stir the imagination for high jewellery brands, while also putting their artisans to the test. Below are seven new high jewellery pieces worth swooning over.

Chopard Red Carpet Collection 2020 (Image credit: Chopard)

(Header image credit: De Beers)

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Chopard Red Carpet collection 2020

Chopard’s Red Carpet collection will surely leave lasting impressions. Returning for the 2020 edition, co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele has put together a magnificent 73-piece collection to honour the house’s historic ties with the Cannes Film Festival (of which Chopard has been an official partner since 1998) and is an ode to nature, with floral and fauna spectacularly captured through a glamorous, cinematic lens.

Amidst beautiful orchids and gingkos, koi fish and pansies, it’s this floral waterfall necklace, composed with radiant layers of diamonds, tourmalines, moonstones and more, that truly shines.



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De Beers 'Portraits of Nature' collection

De Beers’ latest ‘Portraits of Nature’ collection is yet another testament to nature as a timeless muse. Instead of putting the spotlight on flowers, the brand shifts its focus to the wild creatures that flutter around them, simultaneously showcasing the house’s commitment to protecting the natural world and ethical stones.

In an all-new design, the Monarch Butterfly cocktail ring captures the butterfly in mid-flight, matching the wing’s natural iridescent sheen with an array of coloured and white diamonds and an intricate openwork design.

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Gucci 'Hortus Deliciarum'

Alessandro Michele has served many wins at his current post as Gucci’s creative director: archival revivals, iconic prints, and now, the latest chapter with high jewellery. The House’s debut collection, ‘Hortus Deliciarum,’ or Garden of Delights, is a glittering manifestation of the house’s heritage codes both from the past and present.

The one-of-a-kind range features a dazzling selection of solitaire cocktail rings, earrings, necklaces and brooches. Showpieces include this dual-headed tiger bangle,  authentically striped in monochrome gems and finished with piercing emerald eyes — all in the same maximalist energy expected from the House.

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Tiffany & Co 'The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger'

Tiffany & Co’s latest collection debut ‘The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger’ is dedicated to the iconic motifs and jewels that became signatures of the 20th-century designer. Often taking inspiration from the natural world, Jean Schlumberger’s works were known for being infused with movement and imagination, animating evergreen plants and flowers, exotic birds and marine life through colourful gemstones and radiant Tiffany diamonds.

This ‘Fleurage’ bracelet is an apt representation of this expressive spirit. Stunning rows of pavé diamonds make up the petals of the blooming dahlia flowers with their jubilant jewelled centre, studding a signature 18k gold infrastructure. Prizing and organic, random quality, it’s as if you dove your hand in a sea of wildflowers and plucked out a fresh bunch of blooms.

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Chaumet 'Laurier' collection

Chaumet’s collections have often been odes to nature. The ‘Laurier’ collection, in particular, celebrates the laurel leaf, a time-honoured symbol of victory and grace.

Two headpieces crown the new collection, both in sleek, banded designs. Distinguished by diamond-embellished foliage forking off a light, thin frame, it is a striking addition for any jewellery collection.

This particular piece is a charming manifestation of a bough of leaves, featuring diamond laurel buds and fronds with a perched, lingering bee (crafted with pavé diamonds) that you can detach and repurpose somewhere else as a statement, standalone brooch.

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Annamaria Cammilli diamond ring

Again, nature serves as their biggest inspiration, with organic, irregular shapes as one of their defining features. The second is their innovative range of shades of gold. Other than the typical trio of white, yellow and rose, an exclusive selection of eight unique colours made by the brand’s own alloy-mixing methods. They are considered the only jeweller in the world that can produce such unique shades of gold — including a deep chocolate brown that was introduced this year.

In the latest collection, the pieces mimic the sinuous form of trickling water. This Cammilli ring is a beautiful representation with thin diamond pavé bands, a soft, scalloped profile and cascading shades of gold.

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Nuò by Cindy Yeung

Emperor Watches and Jewellery chairman Cindy Yeung’s debut collection, Nuò, is an enchanting recount of strolls through palatial palace gardens. Named after Yeung’s Chinese name and also the Mandarin word for ‘promise,’ the collection is presented in a three-part showcase: Majestic, Immaculate, Splendour, each transcribing the sensation of strolling through elegant gardens with captivating, diamond-studded pieces.

Belonging to the Immaculate series, this set is inspired by the lotus flower. Natural jade accents are bordered by sparkling diamonds to illuminate its verdant centre, deftly showcasing the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, one that seamlessly blends old tradition with the new.

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