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No better time to shop for gold jewellery than this Deepavali

In search of the best gold jewellery pieces for Deepavali 2021? You have stumbled upon a treasure chest. 

The festival of lights, Deepavali is a momentous event honoured by millions of Hindus worldwide. Rooted in spiritual symbolism, Deepavali is a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. No festivities are complete without gold – long been a symbol of prosperity. 

Deepavali is commonly associated with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, where worshippers dress in their finest clothing and put on their ethereal jewellery. Kolam, a decorative art form where colourful patterns are painstakingly laid on the floor, typically is an indication that the festival is near. On the big day, celebrants illuminate their homes, perform ritualistic ceremonies and partake in feasts where sweets are copiously consumed. Gifting forms part of the custom.

Several other legends also exist as to the reason gold is seen as an auspicious commodity in the eyes of millions of worshippers. One such is the mythology where King Hima’s son was spared a certain death by snakebite as foretold via a horoscopic prognosis, thanks to a large pile of gold coins and the many lamps scattered at the entrance to his bedroom, whose brilliance warded off the venomous serpent. This only serves to augment the standing of the precious metal. 

Gold is central to the celebration. Every year without fail, prices of gold soar when Deepavali approaches as the masses throng jewellers to procure a sliver of good luck in a tangible form. Innumerous gold bullions, coins and jewellery pieces change hands during this celebratory period as well-wishing and jubilant masses exchange gifts and propagate happiness.

Here, we play the messenger of good fortune by directing you to the auspicious gold jewellery pieces for this Deepavali.

High jeweller and watchmaker Chopard offers a constellation of finger bands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants crafted with the geometric motif of an ice cube, in an aptly christened collection called the Ice Cube, with young, effervescent ladies in mind. Better than just gold, Chopard’s offering is ethically mined so it isn’t only about prosperity but also conscience.

Electrify the looks by jazzing the wrist with the Volt collection of jewellery. Purposefully designed to be unisex, men and women can wear it equally well and the jewellery is inspired to be in harmony with graceful and rhythmic movement.

Everything about Clash de Cartier revolves around juxtaposition, contrast and in the seemingly disharmony, births a jewellery design that brings together the opposites in a perfect harmony. Though heavy on beads, studs and angular elements, the jewellery is exceedingly comfortable on the skin where its seamless aesthetic has no beginning nor end. Clash, like how light collided with and slayed darkness.

The Serpenti collection takes on extra meaning in light of the countless tales related to the creature where it often plays the antagonistic role. Bvlgari has long been a champion of the serpent with jewellery and watches created to honour the creature that has given rise to folklores spanning cultures, societies and centuries.

5 /5

The iconic collection by Tiffany & Co. adeptly plays on the house initial T, wrapping around the wearer in one continuous loop, amplifying the unbroken nature of the circle. The design is an embodiment of individual strength and perpetual power, much like the basis of the festival. With such versatility, the bangle is made for stacking.

No better time to shop for gold jewellery than this Deepavali

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