Getting a promotion, celebrating a birthday, or just a means of self-expression. These are some of the special occasions that modern women want to remember by getting PANDORA jewellery. It doesn’t matter who they’re intended for — what matters is that these memories are preserved into something tangible yet special.

But it’s not only the sentimental connection that makes them hold on to it. It’s also PANDORA’s minimalist bangles with charm designs that range from quirky to classy, which has been capturing the hearts and fancy of Malaysian women since 2010. And with the release of its Autumn 2017 collection, we predict more will follow suit.

Pandora Autumn 2017 collection
Pandora’s Autumn 2017 collection is made up of 114 stunning pieces of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, open bangles, pendants, and charms.

The Danish brand’s latest collection is all about passion and keen attention to details. The 114-piece jewellery collection includes the new Hearts of PANDORA band rings with cut-out heart details encircling the bridge. They come in sterling silvers, 14k gold, and gold with blushing pink hues.

A contemporary slant was also added into the vintage teardrop designs that’s making a comeback this season. This is seen in one of our favourites: the Cascading Glamour series. It features rings, earrings, necklaces, and charms that form bold silhouettes that cascade elegantly. Timeless geometry also dominated the design concept behind Elegance pieces, while the trend of mixing metals inspired new bracelets, open bangles, and clasp designs.

Pandora Autumn 2017 collection
The Cascading Glamour series

But before we bore you with our enumeration of the charms that we just can’t get enough of this season (Trust us, there’s plenty!), here are our 10 favourite pieces from PANDORA’s Autumn 2017 collection.

The Autumn 2017 collection will be available in all PANDORA boutiques in Malaysia by the end of August. Visit their Facebook and Instagram to find out more.

Geometric Lines Necklace

Take your outfit from casual to formal with just a single necklace. Over a hundred clear cubic zirconia stones will give that elegant touch for formal events. Its distinct geometric design formed in sterling silver, on the other hand, takes a vintage diamond shape that tones down excess sparkle.

Price: RM379

Radiant Teardrop Ring

You don’t need to get engaged to own a timeless elegant ring. This PANDORA Radiant Teardrop ring can give you the fairytale ending you deserve. With its oval, pear, round-brilliant cut centre and accent zirconia stones, the Danish jeweller will give you all that and more.

Price: RM419

Double Hearts of PANDORA Ring

Enjoy the stylish perks of wearing two ring bands without having to adjust them in place all the time. Clear zirconia stones have made it a knock out piece. But the addition of heart-shaped cut outs in the shank transforms it to a work of art. Stack two together to express your daring style.

Price: RM479

Classic Hearts of PANDORA

For days when you need to fly under the radar, this band of 14k gold will make everything simple. Take a closer look, though, and the small details of heart-shaped cut outs will reveal who you truly are: a classy, sophisticated woman. Wear it with similar rings in sterling silver and rose gold to take it up a glamorous notch.

Price: RM1,479

Essence Pandora Rose Bracelet

Go ahead, glow. Blending different metals to form interesting textures, this slender snake chain bracelet looks elegant on its own. Bring out your colourful paint of charms and pendants and you’ll discover that its’s simply the perfect canvas.

Price: RM619

PANDORA Signature Open Bangle

We just couldn’t get enough of the PANDORA logo engraved on both clasps. Set with clear cubic zirconia stones, its golden cores are like eyes that can hold your gaze. It’s plain, beautiful in its simplicity, but never boring.

Price: RM619

Moments Silver Open Bangle with PANDORA Logo Caps

Got a promotion? Celebrate your achievement and get a new carrier for all your PANDORA charms. This silver open bangle comes with decorative and interchangeable end caps and two stoppers that keep your charms in place. Wear it as a badge of honour to remind you of your success and that you’ll always sparkle wherever your feet take you.

Price: RM619

Pink Cosmic Stars

Women around the world have been collecting charms in remembrance of phases and important events in their lives. But you don’t have to all the time. Get this cosmic stars set with pink and clear zirconia stones and let its cuteness be the reason behind the purchase just because you can.

Price: RM419

Radiant Teardrop

PANDORA takes one of the many vintage designs that’s making a comeback this season with open arms. Aside from clear zirconia stones, its intricate cut out details will complement your best dresses with a bling. So why shouldn’t you, too?

Price: RM329

Family Heritage

For charms that truly mean something, this Family Heritage charm will keep your loved ones closer to heart. It has the word Family engraved on it, so gifting it it to your immediate family, or a close friend makes it extra special.

Price: RM379