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This is why you should have a yellow diamond as an engagement ring

Notice a sudden influx of canary (aka yellow) diamonds? The popularity of yellow diamonds might have escalated recently thanks to Lady Gaga and her Tiffany & Co.’s yellow diamond necklace. However, it may also be due to the fact that people are looking for an alternative diamond ring.

Coloured diamonds are getting the spotlight recently as compared to the classic platinum diamond. Some may steer towards gemstones, which is also an ascending trend but some still prefer the term ‘diamond’ with their ring. Yellow diamonds are what we’d like to think, as the ‘underdog’ of coloured diamonds. That bright, sunny shade might only appeal to a certain group but there is actually more to it than just the colour.

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People may think that it’s an unnatural colour — but it’s the same as platinum diamonds, you don’t just pick them up from the ground like the ones you see sparkling and shiny in the boutiques. Yellow diamonds get its colour through the presence of nitrogen during the formation of the stone. It alters the structure of the carbon atoms and the way the stone absorbs light — so when blue light is absorbed, it gives out the vivid yellow hue.

Like all gems and diamonds, they all each have their own respective meaning. As for yellow diamonds, it generally represents cheerfulness — but it’s also a sign of happiness, enlightenment and loyalty. A diamond perfect to represent a beginning of a new chapter? We think so too. So if the love of your life has a bright personality and is the light of your life, a yellow diamond engagement ring might be ideal.

Here are some of our favourites.

This is why you should have a yellow diamond as an engagement ring

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