Whether you’re looking for #fashioninspo to copy for an upcoming occasion or searching for the next trend to try, there’s no better place to visit than Instagram. The third largest social networking platform in the world simply overflows with impressive photos from accounts of fabulous people, who are worth wasting — err, spending — 15 minutes each day for their creativity and inspiring works.

It’s no surprise then that Instagram has turned into fertile ground for jewellery designers to thrive and showcase their latest creations on a global scale. By curating an active feed of precious gemstones alongside their personal inspirations, it’s easy for these jewellery designers to capture our fancy on a unique level.

And our bejewelled index fingers are double tapping on their every post! There’s something genuinely thrilling about discovering new pieces of jewellery at such a time when it has been so much more than just diamonds. There’s also this sense of pride in discovering handcrafted ones with one-of-a-kind details that nab our personal styles and preferences.

From couture to fine collections, meet the five of the most brilliant jewellery designers whose accounts shine with styling tips and beautiful campaign images and let their sparkly accounts to inspire your jewellery boxes.

Nadine Ghosn

A set of gold, diamond, tsavorite and ruby rings that come together to form a fun jeweled burger has shot Lebanese-Brazilian designer Nadine Ghosn to fame. And just over a year from launching her first line, the New York-based jewellery designer has been feeding the expensive appetites of Beyonce, Karl Lagerfeld, and Japanese fashion designer and record producer Nigo with her fantasy-meets-jewellery designs. And as we wait for her to come up with dessert stacked rings, we’re quite content collecting her gold headphone and low-battery necklaces, and ruby matchstick rings for now.


Annie Costello Brown

The name Annie Costello Brown may not ring bells immediately, but you most probably have seen her Henri Matisse-esque chandelier earrings before. With her choice of silver, gold-coated as well as oxide metals in black and cerulean blue materials, Brown’s geometric designs is not only taking over Instagram but magazine editorials and fashion runways as well.



Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Zoe Saldana, and Lorde like it while fashion editors love to shoot it. But perhaps, Foundrae‘s features that ultimately draw the fashionable are founder Beth Bugdaycay’s use of meaningful symbols. Always in 18-karat gold and glossy champlevé enamel, Bugdaycay’s new line of band rings, cuffs, and necklaces are designed with emblems like stars for energy and divine guidance, infinity signs  for karma, scarabs for protection, and arrows for friendship and love. Just perfect for those who want their jewellery to have an heirloom-worthy, antique appeal.



Sarah Appleton

Sarah Appleton is a Paris-based jeweller who took interest in their family business of jewellery making at a young age. A unique family heirloom that utilised ancient techniques inspired her to move from New York to Paris to launch her eponymous brand in Paris five years ago. Most pieces in her collection of 18-karat gold forged in traditional goldsmithing techniques is fluid, modern and refined. Subtle and unobtrusive, we love the finesse of her rings, which are irresistible to behold especially when the gold or a precisely-placed stone catches the light.


Sazkia Diez

After creating her first bracelet for a design competition in 2006, Munich-based jeweller Saskia Diez has never stopped making jewellery pieces until her eponymous label came up with 42 stunning collections of fine jewellery to date. The 36-year-old designer’s unique filigree necklaces, rings, bracelets and other accessories helped make her name known in and out of Germany.