Jewellery pieces have always been a form of expression, just like poems — according to Daiyan Trisha. Wanderlust + Co has collaborated with the Malaysian actress and singer-songwriter to produce a collection entitled Bloom Within. The collection is very much inspired by a compilation of heartfelt poems, Tulisan — written by Daiyan Trisha herself.

Elevating its design is from the 90s, the flower power era, the daisy flower is chosen to be the key motif for Bloom Within. You’ll see little shaped daisies scattered throughout the collection as the main leitmotif of the designs. Both Wanderlust + Co and Daiyan have a strong millennial fan base as well, thus each piece in the Bloom Within celebrates self-love and positive affirmations — much like the homegrown jewellery brand’s previous pieces.

Bloom Within is inspired by Daiyan Trisha's self-written poems, Tulisan.
This collection is available exclusively on Zalora.
“One of my favourite tulisans (writing) that inspired this collection is ‘let it be, just grow beautifully.’ The Bloom Within collection theme speaks to young women everywhere, reminding us to first seek within and discover the potential we carry within ourselves.”
Daiyan Trisha

“It also highlights the beauty of letting go and allowing ourselves to grow instinctively. I hope that my pieces will inspire courage in pursuit of self-love and everyday passions,” she added. The collection features the Bloom Within Necklace, Bloom Within Anklet, Bloom Within Earrings, Self Love Bracelet, Wild Flower Earrings and A Little Sparkle Ring.

Wanderlust + Co x Daiyan Trisha’s Bloom Within collection is available exclusively now on Zalora.

Photos: Wanderlust + Co

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