Serena Williams may just wrapped up the U.S Open just a few days ago (where she emerged runner-up), but that’s not stopping her from creating her own clothing line and debuting it at New York Fashion Week. Her label named S by Serena debuted to a success, celebrated by a several A-listers in the audience such as Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian and her number one fan: her daughter, Olympia whom she brought out onto the runway for her finale.

“S by Serena is for women who, like me, believe in something and believe in themselves,”  writes its website. The brand is a celebration of women who break limits, boundaries and tradition. Williams took inspiration from the women in her life, for example, her mother, sister Venus Williams, Billie Jean King and even Anna Wintour, she said in an article.

“I am so proud of this collection that celebrates women who turn fear into courage and doubt into confidence”
Serena Williams

The designs are very much inspired by 1990s street fashion but with a modern touch. Think bold prints, neon, plaids and animal prints in both fun and formal silhouettes. Work to play, or play to work — that’s what women in this era look for, and these pieces fit the bill. The show even celebrated women of all sizes, proven when two differently-sized models walked down the runway in the same outfit.

Image credit: Getty Images for Style360/Thomas Concordia

Williams also added: “It was important for me to create different things for different people and different body types. I like the word inclusivity as opposed to exclusive because I feel like when you’re inclusive, it just makes a difference and it’s where we should be heading more now.”

View the entire collection here.

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