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6 of the world’s toughest timepieces for extreme conditions

Whether you’re a racing driver, a professional diver or in the special forces, you will be looking for something a little more durable than your delicate dress watch. Withstanding extreme conditions is part of your day to day, so your timepiece should be up to the job too.

So if your wrist requires something that can take a beating, look no further than these rugged gems. Constructed from the toughest materials and built with precision and skill, these watches are virtually indestructible. They will stand the most rigourous physical tests and, more importantly, the test of time.

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Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Speed Metal

Founded in 2004, Romain Jerome sent shockwaves around the industry with their bold and striking designs. Fast becoming known for their collection of eccentric watches, they have built timepieces from salvaging elements of the Titanic to Volcanic rock form the world’s most active volcanoes. The Moon Orbiter is no different and also their toughest watch to date. It has black PVD-coated stainless steel case which is infused with metallic elements from the actual Apollo 11 space shuttle. The best part is inside of the dial itself, where you will find actual bits of moon dust brought back by NASA.


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Bremont MBIII Martin Baker

Bremont are well known for providing the US military many of their favoured timepieces. In order to safeguard this reputation, their watches must be put rigorous testing for durability.  None more so than the Martin Baker line of timepieces, which are famously strapped to the seat of a F35 fighter jet and ejected straight out of the cockpit. This is all to see whether they will keep ticking after the crashes and intense vibrations. These watches “can just about do anything” says Nick English, co-founder of the Bremont Watch Company. ” It clearly proves that you can use these watches in any environment.”


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Victorinox I.N.O.X

Victorinox Swiss Army introduced the I.N.O.X. collection in 2014. It famously demonstrated that the watches could be put through a number of gruelling tests including being run over by a tank, dropped off buildings, put into the washing machine on a two-hour cycle and more. “We wanted a product that could resist anything,” explains François Nunez, product and creative director, Victorinox Swiss Army. “There is no secret – we just did the testing, readjusted, tested again and repeated. We went through over 500 different stages and samples. We destroyed so many watches.” It certainly achieved its goal in proving that this was indeed the toughest timepiece on the market.


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Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout

Built for Navy SEAL Special Forces and capable of producing light in even the darkest of blackouts, the Blackout is a sight to behold. It resists depths of down to 200 meters and is built with a durable 10mm thick case that is designed to stand up to extreme conditions.  Its unidirectional black carbon-reinforced polymer ratcheting bezel and highly scratch-resistant tempered mineral glass crystal protect the chronograph dial, which displays elapsed time up to 12 hours. The watch features a beautiful all black aesthetic for camouflaging when you’re on those dangerous night time missions.


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Sinn UX (EZM 2B)

German watchmakers are famed for their over-engineered timepieces. The UX line is no different and notable for being completely made out of high-strength seawater-resistant German submarine steel. This means the watch has a depth capability of approximately 12,000m. The case is also made using Tegiment technology, a surface-hardening process that doubles down on the hardiness of the base material. Furthermore, thanks to HYDRO Technology, you will not suffer reflections at any angle and be completely free from fogging. This means perfect under water readability — a dream for any extreme diver.


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MT-G, Metal Twisted G-Shock

No conversation about tough watches would be complete without the mention of a G-Shock. They might not be considered the most luxurious but they were built for no other reason than to be the world’s most durable timepieces. Put through high-impact sports activities, thrown out of planes, smashed with hammers and hacked with swords, these watches come out unscathed more often than not. The MT-G, Metal Twisted G-Shock, is a completely refined G-SHOCK series for select premium styles. Meticulously assembled from materials and components made entirely in-house, the covering of the MT-G employs black ion plated stainless steel, resin and ‘Alpha Gel’ to ensure mechanical integrity. The watch also features Triple G Resist for shock, gravitational drop and centrifugal force resistance. The MT-G is the epitome of an indestructible watch.



6 of the world’s toughest timepieces for extreme conditions

Tengku Muzhaffar Petra

Watches and Culture Editor

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