For those of us who keep a close eye on the trends of the industry, it is hard to ignore that every other new timepiece is a ‘tribute’ watch or part of an anniversary collection. From the Jaeger Le-Coultre’s Memovox Polaris to Mont Blanc’s Star Legacy Collection, it seems that watchmakers can’t shake off the endless promotion of heritage timepieces. This certainly isn’t a bad thing. Indeed, reintroducing old lines serves a great purpose of keep timeless designs and the history of watchmaking alive.

However, the more discerning of watch enthusiasts will not only look to buy newer versions of old models but the old models themselves. The vintage watch market has been booming as old timepieces are being cashed in and traded at rates never seen before. This could be due to the rise of trusted online markets for collectors or simply that more consumers are beginning to understand the value in investing on collectible watches. Either way, these are all great news for the industry as we see more and more historical timepieces resurface. Our favourites listed below will not only add an iconic piece to your collection but a conversation piece wrapped around your wrist.

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