Pocket watches are steadily coming back into play with the help of Longines. It recently showed off its highly limited-edition Longines Gold Equestrian Pocket Watch collection, which pays tribute to horseback riding. This is all thanks to Longines’ longstanding history with the equestrian world.

This dates back to the 19th century when both pocket watches and equestrian were at its peak. While the former has slowly fallen off the pedestal in place of wristwatches, the equestrian world is still a prestigious event that many will flock to. Whether it’s show jumping or horse racing, Longines has found the perfect way to bridge the gap.

There are eight different variations from the Longines Gold Equestrian Pocket Watch collection, all of which features different engravings on the back. This ranges from horses to riders and jockeys. The entire collection is highly limited with only 20 pieces for each model. To sweeten the deal, each pocket watch is covered in 18-carat rose gold.

With a total of eight different watches making its way into Malaysia, we take a look at some of our favourites from the collection. Be sure to scroll down to read on for more.