Women’s watches over the past few years have seen a renaissance of sorts. Back then, watches for women were just a smaller, sparklier version of the predominantly male-centric market. These days, watchmakers have shown greater respect, appreciation, and craftsmanship towards women’s watches.

With SIHH 2019 already behind us and Baselworld just days away, we have already seen plenty of women’s watches make a name for itself this year. What’s great about the world of watches is that it didn’t just stick with the usual suspects. Many luxury brands have also thrown their hats into the foray with its own rendition of how a woman’s watch should be like.

Of course, this shouldn’t deter women from wearing men’s watches as well. There isn’t a rule saying women can’t rock a complicated watch on her wrist. However, if you’re more into having something a little more dainty and feminine on your wrist, these are the watches for you.