Watches have always been known to complement one’s outfit. It’s all about putting the final touches onto an outfit, giving it a finished look without doing too much. You have your dress watches, your casual watches, as well as your timepieces that are a balance of both. When it comes to ostentatious watches, however, that’s an entirely different story. These are watches that are meant to make an impact from the moment you enter the room; it demands the attention of everyone in your vicinity with its sheer boldness.

While some would consider over-the-top watches as a fashion faux pas, it takes a special breed of men and women to pull it off. Of course, one must also factor in the cost of upkeeping when it comes to this special series of watches. Unfortunately, some of the watches mentioned today won’t go down well with vintage collectors as it demands way too much attention.

Historically, watches were meant to be admired from a tasteful point of view, rather than having everyone gawk all over it. If members of the royal family could stick with minimalist watches that have its own story, I’m sure many others could as well. Be that as it may, watches are a part of fashion and everyone has a different view on things. Some may love a particular watch while others despise it; in the end, it comes down to how well one can pull it off.