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These are the best classic rectangular watches everyone should invest in

Build a wardrobe of classics and you’ll be set for the rest of your sartorial life. Unlike fleeting trends, classics will always be in vogue. Now that you’ve filled your wardrobe with pieces such as a classic white shirt for the men and a little black dress for the ladies, it’s time to invest in something a little more pricey: classic rectangular watches.

classic rectangular watches

When one thinks of classic rectangular watches, a particular design will always come to mind — the iconic Cartier Tank watch. The original Cartier Tank watch was first designed in 1917, its shape inspired by the Renault FT-17 tank that was used in World War I. Many variations of the Cartier Tank has been released ever since, and other brands of watches also adopted the tank-style, or rectangular case watch design.

Unlike your regular round case watches, rectangular watches offer a different silhouette from the mainstream, yet retain a classically timeless look that’s elegant. It’s overall slim design looks good on the wrist without overwhelming it like extra large watches. Thanks to its unassuming design, it also goes well with almost any outfit, blending in seamlessly. The best part? The rectangular case watch design is unisex — so you can share the timepiece with your partner.

To allow you to decide which classic rectangular watch to purchase, we’ll be showing you six models, all of them distinct from each other. Yet, they all share the same approach of being elegant, timeless, and worthy of investment.

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