Themed watches are a trend that never seems to die. From diving to aeronautical watches, these are the type of watches that will always have a place in a collector’s heart. These watches have a long-standing history with specific themes, much like the IWC for being a pilot’s watch and Omega being made for diving. Then, there’s the collection of astronomical watches.

These are the type of watches that aren’t themed towards a specific occupation or hobby. It is however, made to bring the stars closer to your collection. Astronomical watches have been around for some time now, giving your run-of-the-mill luxury watches a brand new look and feel.

And not every luxury brand partakes in it. In fact, very few would actually introduce an astronomical watch due to the many complications that go into making it. Astronomical watches also only appeal to a niche group of collectors and enthusiasts; not everyone would be interested in it much like the more popular pieces.

What’s great about astronomical watches is that it not only gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of a luxury timepiece, it also allows you to look beyond just the skies and into the galaxy. Scroll down to look at more beautiful timepieces that are just as glistening, like the stars in the night sky.