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Destination Daydream: Hermès watches take to the skies with 2022 novelties

When a luxury powerhouse such as Hermès releases a timepiece, what we often anticipate is how it would deliver when it comes to style and design… and deliver it did, with its 2022 novelties. Here are our favourite picks of the bunch.

Travel is a state of mind, and Hermès is here to prove that with its watches. In the year 2022 when physical travel is still regarded as a thing of privilege, many brands revisit the theme, evoking feelings of nostalgia and wanderlust. And while Hermès is not the first to plug into flight mode, it certainly channels the spirit of travel in style and perfect symmetry.

A recurring motif in Hermès watches released this year is the sense of the ‘journey’: whether putting it in the form of a compass or playing with colours of the rainbow, each timepiece from the 2022 novelties points to the sky in one way or another. The novelties also showcase the French house’s craftsmanship capabilities, letting the minute details and distinctive features of the watches speak for themselves. We’re breaking down the crème de la crème of the novelties for you below.

Arceau Le temps voyageur

“I hold the world in balance on my wrist,” is perhaps the best description for the Arceau Le temps voyageur. As in its name, the timepiece is made for the ambitious voyager — one who seeks a means to travel, even when one feels rooted in place.

First crafted in 1978, the Arceau watch has undergone countless expressions of style. Its latest iteration fixes the globe on the dial, giving the wearer an impression of a satellite spinning across the hours of the world. This satellite gravitates on a fantasy map, which is also imagined by Jérôme Colliard for the Hermès “Planisphère d’un monde équestre” silk scarf. The “travelling time” mechanism is developed exclusively for Hermès, and powers the watch’s hours, minutes and dual-time display with city indication so you can envision yourself everywhere all at once — Athens, London, Dubai — the great cities of the world on your wrist.

Arceau Les folies du ciel

On a brighter note, we opt for the Arceau Les folies du ciel — a stark contrast to the dark, glossy look of Le temps voyageur — with its tinges of pinks and greens against a sandy sky. The Les folies du ciel sees hot-air balloons perched on a bird-shaped gondola, a symbol of travel and migration and a playful tribute to mankind’s first inspiration for flying.

Like many of its Arceau watch peers, the Les folies du ciel is inspired by Loïc Dubigeon’s Les folies du ciel silk scarf motif for Hermès, which combines painting, engraving and animation to create a unique composition. The Hermès artisans have recreated this dreamlike motif in a 38 mm white gold case complemented with an all-white strap.

Hermès H08 in Deep Blue

When Hermès first unveiled the H08 watch back in 2021, it was introduced as a cool, sporty timepiece — a smooth, round dial set against a square-shaped case, with a satin-brushed bezel and a movement that pays homage to the brand’s signature ‘H’ motif. This time, for its 2022 collection, Hermès presents a new intense shade of blue for the H08 model; reminiscent of a deep, raging sea when you’re floating above it. The round dial is complemented with orange accents against a blue titanium case.

Cape Cod crépuscule

Crépuscule (which translates to ‘twilight’ or ‘dusk’) is a time often romanticised, a period of not quite dark and not quite light, just after sunset. It conjures up images of looking through the porthole as the sky is bathed in purple hues. Meticulously crafted by designer and graphic artist Thanh-Phong Lê, the Cape Cod crépuscule features a captivating dusk motif that captures the horizon line where the sky meets the sea. The dial, with its slender gilded hands, reveals the indigo shades sprinkled with yellow gold encircled by a navy blue strap — a true testament to the creativity and innovative technology that goes into making an Hermès timepiece.

Learn more about the Hermès 2022 novelties HERE.

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