There’s a reason why Franck muller has been dubbed the “master of complications”. His tonneau-shaped timepieces all share a similar DNA, a curious mix of traditional Swiss watch manufacturing with “modern” 1930s American watch design. Today, the watchmaker sits on the upper echelons of haute horlogerie, a credential he’ll surely retain this year with his 2019 offerings.

Franck Muller might be known for many watches but the Crazy Hours remains incredibly close to his heart for its sheer ingenuity and rebelliousness. This year, he takes its insanity to another level by fusing it with another icon: The Vanguard.

His knack for the unusual is then reiterated by the Remember watch, a timepiece that quite literally flips the concept of time-reading on itself.

Here are some of our favourite Franck Muller watches this year.


Franck Muller might be synonymous with whimsicality thanks to the Crazy Hours watch, but it’s managed to find another way of expanding the unconventional time-reading narrative. Named Remember, its new offering embraces the brand’s disdain for norms by telling the time backwards.

It’s a slightly disorienting affair, we admit — the hour, minute, and seconds hands move anti-clockwise with the hour numerals flipped — but the unisex 31mm tonneau-shaped timepiece is just as easy to get used to as it is a conversation starter. The manufacturer’s knack for detail kicks in on the dial: Stamped with guilloché sun pattern and finished with 20 layers of lacquer with the emblematic hologram numerals in the background. 

Vanguard Crazy Hours

There are many things that Franck Muller has come to be known for, but the sporty Vanguard and eclectic Crazy Hours are two that have always stood out. This year, the brand fuses the best qualities between the two with the Vanguard Crazy Hours. 

Housed in a lightweight carbon fibre case, the Vanguard is stripped of any monotony thanks to a hodgepodge of numerals that work with the jumping hours mechanism. The numerals are applied a striking yellow for a bright pop of colour, and the result is a gallant timepiece that’s balances on the fine line between being elegant and unique.

Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady

The ladies aren’t missing out on this mash-up; Franck Muller has taken the bold concept and given it a feminine twist. The result is a series of bedazzling watches in a stupendous array of precious stones and pink numerals.

Generously studded with over 200 diamonds and 80 rose sapphires, the pave dial is further accented by bubblegum-pink indices that are also placed in no apparent order. Still, the seemingly chaotic dial — now one of Franck Muller’s masterpieces — tells the time with remarkable accuracy thanks to its jumping hour movement, adding an air of whimsy and fantasy to this glistening timepiece.  

Vanguard Lady Skeleton

Franck Muller didn’t hesitate to strip the iconic Vanguard down to its inner workings for the ladies this season too. Of course, everything inside’s in tip-top shape; the movement and bridges are spruced up with plenty of flair — think satin finishing, circular graining, hand-chamfering, and the works. 

The rose gold case that frames the 32mm timepiece marries well with the matching skeletonised movement within, as does its white inner bezel and crown for easy wearability. Above the intricately carved movement, a pair of SuperLuminova-tipped hands appear to be floating, adding lightness and finesse to the intricate piece.

Franck Muller Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton

The Vanguard takes a nautical turn this season for both sea lovers and yachting enthusiasts this year with the Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton. Seafaring details are plenty here, the most obvious being its deep blue colourway, but look closely and you’ll notice smaller details like the wind rose and a 24-carat gold-finished laurel wreath around the house’s logo. 

Behind, the watch’s in-house manufactured movement is dramatically presented, with its architecture accentuated with redesigned open-worked bridges for maximum flair. Now all you need is a catamaran to set sail with. 

Shatricia Nair
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