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Frederique Constant combines Swiss watchmaking with Smartwatch functionality

Since 1988, Frederique Constant has continuously tested the boundaries of innovation on their timepieces. Never straying away from the principles of classical watchmaking, the brand seeks to offer the most creative and outstanding technical features in their watches. This year has been no different, as their innovative 21st century techniques has produced a revolutionary timepiece. The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture, incorporates three unique technologies into one outstanding watch — manufacture, smartwatch functions and caliber analytics.

“We were the first Swiss Watch Manufacturer to introduce the Horological Smart Watch in 2015,” Peter Star, President of the Frederique Constant Group proudly commented. “Now, we are the first to combine a Manufacture Mechanical Caliber with Smartwatch functionality.”

The watch comes in polished stainless steel or rose gold models.

The Hybrid Manufacture FC-750 caliber is developed produced and assembled in-house, with a patented 42 hour reserve automatic caliber that is both mechanical and electronic. The electronic part of the caliber houses the watch’s smart functions. However, due to the negative magnetic effects between the mechanical and electronic parts, highly skilled designers have to develop a unique anti-magnetic shield case.

Mechanical and electronic parts of the caliber.

Smart Watch Functions
The connection between the watch and your smartphone is achieved via Bluetooth and the Hybrid App. Its smart functions are visible on both the watch on the as well as in the Hybrid App. They include among others, ‘Activity Tracking’ (counting your daily steps,) ‘Sleep Monitoring’ (assessing the quality of your slumber) and a ‘Dynamic Coach’ (personalised digital coach, keeping you up to your desired fitness goals.)

The watch connects to the Hybrid App at the press of a button.

Caliber Analytics
Inside the caliber, Frederique Constant has integrated their proprietary Caliber Analytics functionality. This is an algorithm that measures the rate, amplitude and beat errors of the timepiece. Once a day, the watch automatically analyses the health of its own mechanical movement, communicating to you if there are any irregularities or corrections needed to be made.


Tengku Muzhaffar Petra
Watches and Culture Editor