For every wristwatch that tells the time, there is an unusual piece where things just aren’t as straightforward. For every traditional round dial with pushers and a brown leather strap, there is a rule-breaking timepiece. That’s precisely the point with every Hautlence creation. Enter the Hautlence HL2.3 Punk.

Hautlence HL2.3 Punk

Founded in 2004, Hautlence is known for its rebellious streak — remember the Labyrinth 01 that is nothing but a wearable wrist-art (it doesn’t tell time), or the avant-garde Vortex with a complex geometric case and a six-hour tourbillon?

The new iconoclastic HL2.3 Punk from the small Swiss atelier aligns itself with the anarchic cultural ideology of its inspiration – the legendary Perfecto jacket. The most striking feature of the timepiece is the signature case, a stunner composed of three sapphire crystals cut from solid blocks, that is adorned with 84 studs of 14 different sizes. With a bit of spunk and spike, the new design falls in line with the brand’s spirit of circumventing traditional thinking and staying offbeat.

The timepiece is inspired by the legendary Perfecto jacket.

On the birth of Hautlence, its CEO Sandro Reginelli once said in an interview, “We were four friends, with three of us working at TAG Heuer. When we looked at the watch industry, we saw that there were many beautiful products but it was dominated by the traditional brands. Since we were in love with mechanism, design and architecture, why not try to be a bit more disruptive and explode the codes of the Swiss watch industry, by telling time in a different way? This was our main mission.”

Since then, Hautlance has been creating daring, impressionable and playful pieces and hasn’t been one to shy away from innovation as can be seen in HL2.3 Punk. Driven by the calibre HL2.0, which boasts a triple patent, this convention-breaking calibre combines the half-trailing jumping hour, the two barrel system and the retrograde minute. A speed regulator contributes to the smooth and shock-free operation of the complication.

The HL2.3 Punk is driven by the calibre HL2.0, which combines the jumping hour that is half-trailing, the retrograde minute and power reserve indication.

You can read the hours on the moving track and minutes are indicated via the retrograde hand. Additionally, above the speed regulator, Hautlence has replaced the traditional Moebius symbol with the ‘Circle-A’ of the Libertarian movement, which advocates absolute freedom, denying the principle of authority and rejecting all constraints. Clearly, the independent creator has a relish for displaying its irreverent side in design as well as high watchmaking.

The slightly curved case of the watch and the alligator leather strap make it a comfortable timepiece to sport daily. But, lovers of idiosyncratic style will agree that it’s the Hautlence HL2.3 Punk’s peculiarities and unexpected aesthetics that get their vote. As a timepiece that makes its owner really stand out from the crowd, news that it will also be available in other materials, comes as no surprise. 

All images by Hautlence