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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Luxury watch accessories for ardent collectors

With December now here, the time for gift-giving and spreading festive cheer is in full force. And with it comes the painstaking process of having to choose the right gift for someone. It’s especially hard if your loved one is a luxury timepiece aficionado. While the idea of forking out a hefty sum for a luxury watch is daunting, you can always opt for luxury watch accessories instead.

What’s great about it is that it gives you more room for creativity in your gift. The whole idea of purchasing a luxury watch is great, but it doesn’t suit the theme of Christmas. Go with your creativity and pick out something that can complement their already growing collection instead of simply adding onto it.

The items are seemingly endless as well. You could go with customisable straps, watch winders, storage cases, a winder and storage combination. There are many avenues on what you want to gift your loved one who is a collector of fine luxury watches.

Another great reason for getting luxury watch accessories as a gift is that it’s cost-efficient. Instead of spending so much at one time, that same amount could get you plenty of other gifts that will help elevate their wrist game.

Watch straps

Bespoke Straps is one of the go-to brands for collectors who want to inject a sense of personality into their luxury timepieces. Everything Bespoke Straps does is made-to-order, ensuring that no two products are the same. There are 12 different materials to pick from, all of which are different types of leathers. You can also customise on the type and colour of the strap’s stitching as well as the buckle.

Starts from US$195 at Bespoke Straps.

Watch winders

While it may seem like a lot, a 32-piece cabinet winder is just the thing you need to store all your watches and to keep it wound at the same time. This handcrafted wood and glass cabinet is protected under a combination lock and key, ensuring it remains safe at all times. There are also two additional cabinets in the cabinet winder that can store up to 14 watches as well as a travel case to carry up to three watches at any given time.

Priced at US$25,995 (approx. RM108,692) on Wolf 1834.

Smythson Mara Travel Watch Roll

When travelling, you will always want to bring along a variety of watches to give yourself a more diverse look. The downside, you’ll have to resort by simply stuffing your watches in random bags, praying it doesn’t get damaged during the process of travelling. That’s where the Smythson Mara Travel Watch Roll comes in handy. It’s available in three different colours and it can store up to three watches comfortably.


Priced at US$487 (approx. RM2,036) on Smythson

Esslinger Deluxe Watch Repair Tool Set

If you have a knack for solving technical issues with your luxury timepieces, you’re going to need the proper tools to do so. The Esslinger Deluxe Watch Repair Tool Set will help you perform minor watch repairs or even replacing the strap. There are also tools that will help you in polishing the crystals, removing scratches from gold or silver finishings, and even cleaning the watch bands.


Priced at US59.95 (approx. RM250) on Esslinger.

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