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Hublot showcases its unique philosophy with the Big Bang Millennial Pink

When it comes to trendsetting and having an eye on the future, there’s no denying the Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink is exactly that.

Hublot is all about its craftsmanship and its watchmaking expertise. It has always dared to be different with a pioneering vision, which is why it sought the help of Lapo Elkann of Garage Italia. This collaboration saw the Hublot Big Bang chronograph being put through the mixer once more and with a new colourway.

Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink
The Big Bang Millennial Pink shows its stance — Gender Neutral.

The Millennial Pink is a first for Hublot, showcasing a much softer tone on a classic timepiece. But this is more than just a shade of colour to Hublot and Garage Italia. It’s a symbol of a completely new generation; one that isn’t bound by exclusivity towards men or women. It hopes to shake the very fabric of the status quo by looking at established traditional values in a new and fresh perspective.

Starting with the case, its 42mm lightweight aluminium anodised body comes with monochrome material while being satin-finished and through-tinted in Millennial Pink. This colour tone was achieved through anodisation, which was made to decorate and protect the timepiece at the same time. At the heart of it, the iconic Hublot Unico chronograph movement with 72-hour power reserve and a column wheel.

You will also get two interchangeable straps with the Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink. The first is a rubber strap with a titanium clasp combo and the second is the velcro/PES blend. Both straps are bathed in the same Millennial Pink shade with anodised and polished aluminium.

As expected, the Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide with a RM79,800 price tag. For more information, head over to Hublot’s website.

All images courtesy of Hublot.

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