Hublot and Marc Ferrero come together once again for another collaboration with the Big Bang One Click. It brings back ‘Lipstick’, Ferrero’s most emblematic work.

The Hublot Big Bang One Click also comes with two new shades at the request of Ferrero himself. The shades of white and black on the 39mm watch symbolise inseparable complementarity while illustrating the universal duality of day and night. It brings together yin and yang in its two watches, both of which are available to only 100 pieces.

The white model comes with a satin-finish of polished steel and resin, coupled with a lacquered dial as well as a calf and rubber strap, all in white as well. For the black variant, it has a black ceramic with a lacquered dial alongside the same strap, but in black and white.

But it’s on the dial where the watch really pops. The flashy red lip colour is the only shade that shows from the watch amidst the large black sunglasses. The bezel also shines bright with a row of cut diamonds around it. This brings creating a work of art to a whole new level. Head over to the Hublot website for more info.

All images courtesy of Hublot.

Wi-Liam Teh
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