Luxury diving watches are one of the most sought after pieces in the luxury watchmaking industry. What makes these timepieces so attractive are its sleek, clean lines as well as its practicality in various multitudes. If both SIHH and Baselworld are of any indication, the market for diving watches is not dying out anytime soon.

Some common names who are pioneers in diving timepieces include Panerai and Rolex. As seen on the various iterations, diving watches call for a thicker case and glass to withstand the pressure of deep sea diving. It will almost always have a rotating bezel while its dial is luminous for easier reading in darker areas of the ocean.

There are many reasons diving watches are highly desired. Investment is one as the value of these luxury timepieces would appreciate over time, making it a viable business decision for the long run. However, one would have to look into the exclusivity of some of these watches with its own unique movements that make the watch tick.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be a pilot or a deep sea diver to invest in such a timepiece. Sometimes it’s the appreciation of a luxury watch alone that is enough to seal the deal. Scroll down below to read on about some of the best luxury diving watches of 2019 for you to look out for.