Pharrell Williams is an overachieving jack-of-all-trades. Not content with just being a multiple Grammy winner as well as a two-time Academy Award nominee, the singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire is also an accomplished entrepreneur and fashion designer.  Just when you thought he could not add any more accolades to his name, he now has his very own timepiece with none other than Richard Mille.

Williams has long been a friend of the brand, sporting many iconic timepieces over the years. This will mark the first time both Williams and Richard Mille have worked together on a timepiece. The RM52-05 Manual Winding Tourbillon will carry Williams’ name as well, making it all the more exclusive, as if having only 30 pieces worldwide isn’t enough.

The design of the luxury timepiece draws inspiration from the concept of Space and Mars. This stems from Williams’ major fascination with Star Trek from an early age. It utilises the skills and craftsmanship of a painter, an engraver, and an enameller to its fullest.

The RM52-05 features high-tech materials in a miniature state, creating an artistical and technical challenge. Much like a space shuttle, the baseplate of the watch that carries the movement comes in grade 5 titanium. It also offers a glimpse into the skeletonised grade 5 titanium bridges that evokes rocket launch platforms. It also has large inserts in dazzling blue aventurine glass to give off a feel of what outer space is like.

Grade 5 titanium is also used for the case with indestructible hand-painted strokes for an all-pervading timelessness. The face of the dial features an astronaut helmet with a close-up look at what Mars is like. The enamel of the Red Planet has multiple colour changes. This is due to the superimposing layers with an increased number of firings at 850°. This allows it to have an orange to red and blue to black gradients.

The case comes in brown Cermet, combining the lightness of titanium with the hardness of ceramic. Its brown hue with metallic reflections is all thanks to the use of metallic zirconium matrix. The case band is made of Carbon TPT, a well-known component in the field of aerospace. Its crown is based on the design of a rocket capsule while the rubber surrounding it sports a distinctive profile of a Martian Rover tyre.

There are only 30 pieces of the Richard Mille RM52-05 Manual Winding Tourbillon Pharrell Williams available in the world. Best be quick about it if you’re looking to get your hands on one.


All images courtesy of Richard Mille.

Wi-Liam Teh
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