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The Louis Vuitton Tambour watch is back in the limelight 21 years after its debut

Here’s everything you need to know about the all-new Tambour watches — renewed, reimagined, and refined.

Just like the global launch of the fascinating malletage-driven LV GO-14 bag on 25 August 2023, the reintroduction of the Tambour watch marks an all-new era in Louis Vuitton‘s history. And more specifically, the Maison’s watchmaking chapter. 21 years after launching the Tambour (first unveiled in 2002), the timepiece returns to the limelight in glitzy fashion. Characterised by its fluid lines, slimmer form and drum-shaped case, the watch is another masterpiece under Watch Director Jean Arnault — utilising over 160 years of experience that Louis Vuitton possesses.

Jean Arnault on the Tambour: “With this launch, we seek to open a new chapter in the history of the Maison’s watchmaking by creating a watch with strong horological credentials while identifiably Louis Vuitton in style”. The 2023 unveiling of the Louis Vuitton Tambour now sees new additions to the family. The collection consists of five models including two stainless steel versions created to be worn every day. Released in September 2023, the first two models feature a silver-grey dial and a deep blue dial respectively. The Maison will be releasing the rest of the three models — one in two-tone gold and steel, as well as two more in full gold — later this year.

A closer look at the Tambour

Photo credit: Laziz Hamani for Louis Vuitton

On first glance, the Tambour watches exude instant sophistication. But, of course, there’s more to the timepieces than meets the eye. For starters, you will notice the 12 letters of “Louis Vuitton” located on the curved sides of the round case. The unisex watch — designed to be 40mm in size — is all about intention and purpose. The 2023 Tambour watches all come equipped with an integrated bracelet. Fitting comfortably on the wrist thanks to the curved links, this is the Maison’s first time showcasing the cool component.

Still on the bracelet links, a closer watch will bring to attention a very rounded profile. This is due to the upper surfaces’ and underside’s convex. Another interesting element that has to be pointed out is the watch’s triple-blade folding buckle that’s actually rather hidden. In fact, to find the closure, you’ve got to first look for the end link where the “Louis Vuitton” letters are.

Photo credit: Laziz Hamani for Louis Vuitton

In addition, at only 8.3mm, the Tambour is a slim work of art. To intertwine at ease with the forearm’s natural curve, the watches are specially concocted to have an arc-like ascension in the middle of the case. After all, there’s a reason for every decision. As for the bezel on a Tambour, it comes with raised letters of the Maison’s name alongside polished rims. Every hour marker coincides like a perfect union with every letter. For example, “L” with “12”.

When you switch your gaze to the watch’s central brushed dial area, you will quickly notice the “Louis Vuitton Paris” — setting the tone for a fresh DNA. When it comes to the Tambour’s movement, expect nothing but Swiss expertise and Parisian flair. The phrase “Fabriqué en Suisse” is now included underneath the small-seconds counter. Together with Geneva’s La Fabrique du Temps, Louis Vuitton and La Fabrique du Temps’ Michel Navas and Enrico Barbasini set out to make cal. LFT023 the first proprietary automatic three-hand movement beyond just a movement driving the evolved Tambour.

Photo credit: Laziz Hamani for Louis Vuitton

The visual codes of Louis Vuitton come alive with the assistance of Le Cercle des Horloger. Apart from the Maison’s inaugural proprietary automatic three-hand movement, the Tambour watches are true sights to behold. That includes the repeated “LV”s on the micro-rotor (created in high-inertia 22k gold), the Monogram Flower-inspired barrel cover, the mainplate that’s circular-grained as well as transparent jewels, as opposed to the magenta movement rubies that are deemed to be more typical.

So, what’s next for the Tambour? Slated to officially launch here in Malaysia in September 2023, the Tambour watches — with five models — carve an entirely new part in Louis Vuitton’s story. And as always, we’re excited for more.

Learn more about Louis Vuitton and the Tambour watch HERE.

(All photos by Laziz Hamani for Louis Vuitton)

The Louis Vuitton Tambour watch is back in the limelight 21 years after its debut

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