In this day and age, luxury mechanical watches are all the rage. There are countless reasons as to why a luxury watch is much yearned after for the people who can afford it. One would focus on the cultural and historical significance of the brands while others would prefer the mechanical aspects. However, one aspect that many overlooks are the process that goes into modern watchmaking. The watches of SIHH 2019 featuring new-age materials are coming into full swing, thanks to the ingenuity of the luxury watchmakers.

During the yearly Geneva event, many luxury watchmakers showcased their latest timepieces with the latest technological advancements. What makes this year different is the focus watchmakers placed on its bezels and cases, and not just the mechanical aspects. The watches of SIHH 2019 were out in full swing, featuring new materials on the faces and bezels that don’t necessarily include your usual stainless steel and the likes of it.

Don’t believe us? Scroll down to check out these five watches of SIHH 2019 that featured new-age materials.