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Are dual-screen smartphones the new normal of the future?

From dual computer monitors to dual-screen smartphones.

Smartphones are the pinnacle of mobile device innovation for consumers. We all remember the big and bulky phones of the past, and how with each wave of technological advancements they began shrinking until they eventually fit in our pockets – the perfect size for our active, moving lifestyles. As smartphones became more ubiquitous with everyday life, we became more reliant on them for our activities, meeting our communication, social, and entertainment needs. With that, the smartphone design adapted once again to fit our needs, with increased display sizes and better internet capabilities. 

In this new normal, many of us have adopted a remote working lifestyle. It is perhaps timely then that Samsung is looking into designing and creating devices to fit into our new normal. Through the combination of iconic designs and cutting-edge tech and features– the foldable smartphones have joined the fray. 

The Era of Dual Screens

It is no secret that people today are more connected than at any other point in history. Smartphone features that used to be novelty are now being refined and reintroduced. Confined to our homes, our digital connection is now more valuable than ever and is our gateway to our friends and loved ones. With our digital needs rising, so too has our dependency on our smartphones. 

More than a gimmick, foldable smartphones have always stirred the curiosity of many. With a foldable smartphone, we are now able to do more with less – the constant connectivity empowered by having two displays mean that we can pull up important work documents remotely while being in a meeting online; we can text and reply our friends while scrolling through social media; we are able to video call our loved ones and watch videos together seamlessly; the possibilities are truly endless. It is without a doubt that foldable smartphones will bolster productivity in spades, and those looking to multitask can truly thrive on a foldable device offering dual-screen advantages not often and easily available on the common smartphone display of today. 

Multitask like Never Before with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

With dual screens, whether working or hanging out with friends, or for entertainment, you no longer need to choose just one. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is here to help you multitask better. Besides offering more screen space, a bigger battery, greater access to the newest features available in the market yet still fitting easily in our pocket, the Galaxy Z Fold2 also carries apps designed specifically for multitasking. 

In fact, the Galaxy Z Fold2 keeps up with all your needs so that you can easily keep ahead. To put it simply, having two-screens with the capacity to run seemingly infinite multi-window layouts and variations mean that you can have a saved setup for just about any situation. Furthermore, multitasking has never been easier with its App Continuity function. When you open an app on the Cover Screen, you can easily unfold the device to see it on the bigger screen with an optimized UI. The two displays work seamlessly to maintain app continuities so that whether it’s work or leisure, you can access apps easily at the push of the button, simply tapping to work or play where you need to. 

Foldable Smartphones: The Device of the Future

Smartphones have always evolved alongside our needs. As we move towards an era of productivity and multitasking, foldable smartphones will become more relevant than ever, helping us accommodate and get used to our new normal. To fully accomplish all our needs on one device, the Galaxy Z Fold2 has innovated beyond its first iteration, and is a better, more robust device today, capable of fitting into our hectic lifestyles seamlessly to offer immediate value.

This article is published via Samsung. 

Are dual-screen smartphones the new normal of the future?

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