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Artist Viktoria Modesta lends a bionic touch to the Rolls-Royce Black Badge range

Here’s one for the daredevils out there.

In an extremely interesting collaboration, British car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has announced its collaboration with bionic performing artist Viktoria Modesta to create a campaign that defines the Black Badge line’s hyper luxurious aesthetic.

After unveiling a special clip earlier this week, the fans of the super-luxurious, super-exclusive Black Badge label had much to be excited about. The Black Badge was first launched in March 2016, and embodies the bespoke family of vehicles that “respond to the taste patterns of the marque’s most daring and disruptive clients.” Who better, then, to represent this than Viktoria Modesta?

According to the company, Modesta represents Rolls-Royce’s “boldest expression of luxury,” and the Black Badge line’s “extraordinary allure.” Her bold expression of herself is further embodied by a custom prosthetic limb designed and created in collaboration with Modesta, Joe DiPrima of ArcAttack, the Alternative Limb Project, and the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective of craftspeople, designers, and engineers, as well as a tailored Black Badge carbon fiber bodice.

The former has a Tesla coil integrated into the glass heel which, when under pressure, activates to produce a continuous train of lightning-esque sparks which illuminate the glass. The director of the project Jora Franzis explained that “Viktoria [is] an embodiment of power symbolized through the electricity of the prosthetic.” The bodice was created to fit Modesta’s body perfectly; her silhouette was digitized so that the garment could be 3D printed and then veneered with carbon fiber. Both feature trademark a Black Badge accents and detailing like the color, grille motif, and carbon fiber components.

Modesta herself stated that, “There are many parallels between the Black Badge philosophy and my work, chiefly maximizing your potential and becoming a hyper version of yourself. I really wanted to capture the Black Badge attitude and fierce spirit, by embodying that through body art, it felt totally wild.”

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews. 

Artist Viktoria Modesta lends a bionic touch to the Rolls-Royce Black Badge range

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