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Going for an island holiday? Here’s an essential gadget to bring along

The latest Samsung The Freestyle is more than just something you’d want to use at home.

We’ve recently reviewed the new Samsung The Freestyle and in the review, we’ve  uncovered some of the best features of the pico projector which include its portability, robust built, and excellent versatility. This compact gadget is also great for travelling thanks to its lightweight and sleek features, fitting into your luggage or bag like a water bottle does.

We think it is an essential gadget to take along to your next island holiday, especially with the borders now open — you’d have your entertainment, gaming and elements of surprise covered even when at the most deserted of islands.  

When you’re out on an island vacay, it is always a good idea to keep yourself connected with an element of entertainment. Not that we do not love our peace and quiet (we really do), but sometimes just catching up with a movie you’ve been wanting to watch for a long time but never did is one of the best ways to unwind. And what better way than to do it on the ‘big screen’ — supersized!

If you’ve not heard of the new Samsung The Freestyle, you should read our review here. But in a nutshell, Samsung The Freestyle is a small, hand-held projector with an LED light source that functions as a smart platform with built-in sound system and a Smart Calibration for on-point display of colours and definition — a portable Smart TV in a compact body. It also takes seconds to set up, and makes it super useful to bring the ‘big screen’ anywhere. 

If you’re vibing with the idea, here are four ways you can put the latest Samsung The Freestyle to great use during your next beach holiday. 

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Enter the Big Screen 

When you’re at an island vacay, chances are, there would be very little form of ‘entertainment’ in the middle of the ocean. Thanks to its portable, lightweight and robust built, you can easily bring along The Freestyle to catch a movie or even play music. Whether it is a throwback movie like the original Top Gun from 1986, or the hilarious Mean Girls, be sure to plan ahead and load them all up in any compatible devices — so you can just plug in and project! And if the connection is great and you don’t want to miss live sports action, watch all the live matches on the big screen — football, tennis, badminton, you name it. 

Pro tip: Samsung The Freestyle needs to be connected to a power source at all times. It is best to have a sizeable power-bank to have it running no matter where you’re at. 

(Credit: Samsung Korea)

Catching up on Series

Having an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment? Spend your solo island trip all to yourself with some entertainment on your side. While you’re snuggling alone in your room after a long day gallivanting — be it in the island of Bali or along the beach-city of Da Nang — it is always a good idea to indulge in some feel-good series (or even rewatching them) simply to unwind and relax with a bag of chips on the side of course. Plan ahead, download all the content you’d like to watch on your phone or saved them all on Netflix.

Kick some adrenaline into your trip with games on the big screen. (Credit: Samsung)

Don’t Leave the Games Behind

Not into movies? Get ready to rumble when connecting the Samsung The Freestyle with a gaming console using the Micro-HDMI input. It is truly fun and exciting for a multi-player gaming experience to be played on an XL scale with your friends in your island villa — but maybe something less ‘Need for Speed’ but more ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ for your choice of games.

An idea for your villa stay in Bali, perhaps? (Credit: Samsung)

Do the Unexpected

If you’re planning a surprise celebration — birthday, anniversary or proposal — create the unexpected by playing slideshows or a projection at the most unthinkable spots — on the wall of the guesthouse or on the white sandy beach. Be it a ‘Happy Birthday’ digital ‘banner’ of sort, or a slideshow of your best shared memories, Samsung The Freestyle enables you to do so creatively. 

Pro tip: Be sure to prepare all your content and load them all up in your phone or a compatible device before your trip (in case there’s little or zero connectivity). 

Going for an island holiday? Here’s an essential gadget to bring along

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