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How to play ‘Among Us’ and be an excellent ‘Imposter’

From calmly farming on an island to killing everyone.

There’s a new millennial obsession, and it’s called Among Us. Lightweight online multiplayer games have garnered quite a lot of praise during these quarantine months. Games like Ludo and Fall Guys where you can virtually be present with your pals over a compact smartphone space is a total win for those looking to have some fun in social distancing.

To this list, you can now add Among Us. How big is this game? Well, it recorded over 388,000 players on PC last month. That’s more than Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, which means that they’re currently third on global PC charts. This web of ‘Imposters’ (the person every player is looking to vote off the spaceship is called) has spread on smartphones, with 100 million+ downloads on Android and a #1 place on Apple’s Simulation Games chart. To give you an edge and fasten the learning curve, we’ve listed down a few gameplay points and tricks you can use to ace Among Us.

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Get started

Let’s start with the basics. You type in a username and select one of the three servers — North America, Europe, or Asia. Once done, you select ‘Online’ and choose a map, number of Imposters, and a room. The game comprises of 4-10 people, out of which a few will be Imposters. While it’s the Imposter’s job to sabotage operations and kill everyone on board undetected, the remaining Crewmates have to complete tasks and identify the Imposters. It is a game where you need to have a good virtual Poker face and know how to mislead and be a silent killer. Total mind games too.


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As an Imposter, your priority is to stay low-key. Before killing someone, look around. If you’re caught at a crime scene, you’re naturally a suspect. Use the vents for quick manoeuvring around the map too. Gain the trust of the teammates and get them to vote the others out. Coordinate with the other Imposters and target Crewmates. Use the Sabotage function to disperse or gather. Above all, this is a pure mind game and the role of constant betrayal.


As a Crewmate, your priority is to stay alive. Stick around with other Crewmates so that the Imposter won’t get a chance to catch you isolated for a kill. Also, when questioned, you can use your company as an alibi. Focus on getting tasks done, that’s also a way of winning the game. Once everyone has their tasks complete, you instantly win. Whenever a body is reported, ask your teammates for where they were and try picking out the liar.

Among Us is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android and is a free game.

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How to play ‘Among Us’ and be an excellent ‘Imposter’

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