Singer & Entrepreneur

Despite enjoying singing ballads from the age of 9, Masya’s career in music really took off when she won first place in the local singing competition television series, Ceria Popstar. The 21-year-old went on by beating 3000 contestants to be champion at the Yippi Star Quest in 2020, and expresses hope in expanding her future career in China.

I draw most of my good energy from my mum. I feel very lucky to be as close to her as I am and have her full support, since I know many who don’t have that.
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National Tennis Player

Christian Didier made history by being the first Malaysian to play at the Australian Open at just 11 years old, making it in the Top 50 Juniors Rankings in the world at the time. With a fierce passion for the sport and a dream to become a Malaysian tennis icon, 21-year-old Christian Didier aims to put Malaysia on the map of the tennis world.

Your greatest strength is to be able to keep going even when life gets really tough; even when it throws you losses and defeats.
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Rapper & Actress

Straight out of UiTM Shah Alam, 21-year-old Bunga had aspirations of becoming a politician before doing a one-eighty and entering the local rapping scene. From going viral via a video of her first-ever rap competition to joining the rap cypher show 16 BARIS, Bunga is continually making waves as a unique Malaysian female rapper

When you’re in a field with no prior knowledge of it, you have to struggle a little and put in the work — and you know you will, because you want it.
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Racing Driver

Inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps, 18-year-old Alister only recently joined the racing scene — yet he has already made his mark on both local and international tracks. Alister began his journey through fun karting and entering professional kart championships, and he is now working his way into Formula Three.

Champions live for competition, not status. When you’re driving, you drive for yourself and not for anyone else.
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Plant-based MMA Fighter

At 23 years old, Colleen has already obtained two Championship medals under her belt. A former ballet dancer for more than a decade, Colleen has a competitive streak, and a fierce love for fighting — as well as the rigorous training that comes with it. As a vegan, Colleen is out to prove that it’s not impossible to bulk up while maintaining a plant-based diet.

Fighting is just a part of me. Even when it hurts, it feels good. I can’t imagine a life when I’m not fighting.
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Singer & Actor

Having grown up with his family’s diverse taste in music, singer-songwriter Ismail draws inspiration from the likes of pop and R&B giants including Justin Bieber, Usher and Rihanna. His hit song “Sabar” shot him to fame four years ago. Today, Ismail aspires to explore his musical style beyond his comfort zone.

With social media comes people’s expectations about where you might end up, but I believe the most important thing is where you want to be.
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Content Creator & Singer-songwriter

An introvert by nature, 18-year-old content creator Wen Wei rose to fame with her engaging day-to-day vlogs and lifestyle content that perfectly capture the essence of growing through your high school life. She made her debut as a singer-songwriter with her single, “Teenage Dream”, and is working toward creating more music.

When you feel lost, stop and watch and listen to everything and anything you can find. The creativity will come to you.
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World Latte Art Champion & Entrepreneur

Back in 2018, Irvine was the youngest barista and first-ever Malaysian to win the World Latte Art Championship in Brazil with his hornbill art, inspired by the design on the RM5 note. Now, the 23-year-old has a clear goal in mind — to educate the local public on the wonders of coffee, and encourage up-and-coming baristas to pursue their dreams.

Many believe that being a barista means you’ll just be making coffee forever, but there’s so much more to it. I want to show people that.
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Content Creator

18-year-old Iman Alysha has a bright and bubbly personality. She started gaining attention on social media through her TikTok dance videos before making waves in the mainstream media with various commercials and campaigns. With her parents as the source of all her inspirations, what keeps her going is seeing them proud of her achievements.

You have to be really headstrong and not let the things other people say get to you because you will never please everyone, and it’s okay!
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As a singer and songwriter, Firdhaus believes that it is important to be in a good headspace. He values mental health a lot to keep him inspired in his music career and enjoys to be creative. One of his greatest achievements includes having his Mandarin single ‘Gulf of Alaska’ crossing over 410 million views on Douyin and going viral in China.

There’s really not many people out there who’d truly understand you or see what you see. It takes time to address the challenges I’m going through.
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