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This bot will answer all your COVID-19 travel questions

We may not be able to travel outside of the country yet, but we can at least have some burning questions answered by this Amadeus travel bot.

With information constantly being refreshed, it can get a little confusing and tricky, especially when sites are not updated. We get it: its annoying to find different pieces of information and not knowing which one’s the right one. Not to mention the amount of time you have to spend googling and clicking through the various websites to check if sources are accurate. 

Enter Travel-19, a bot launched by Amadeus, a leading travel technology company, that aims to address the most frequent COVID-19 related travel questions from visitors across the world.

(Image credit: Amadeus)

The online bot is an initiative to aid travellers in finding credible information easily, and to provide timely updates from countries and their governments so that travellers can safely plan future trips as flying resumes.

“Although travel restrictions are starting to ease, we are seeing big differences in rules and restrictions around the world, and the situation is changing all the time. We wanted to provide travellers with the most accurate information so that they can make informed decisions and make bookings with confidence as the aviation sector opens up again,” said Nicolas Martiquet, Head of Traveler & Customer Discovery, Research, Innovation & Ecosystems, Strategic Growth Businesses, Amadeus.

It provides an extensive repository of information from various official sources and aggregates the relevant links into a user-friendly interface. Best of all — it’s free to use.

(Image credit: Amadeus)

The bot also includes answers to questions about cancellations, impacts on flights, and the latest travel restrictions and government advisories. To date, Travel-19 is able to answer traveller questions with information on more than 350 airlines and 60 countries. 

The Travel-19 online bot is now live and available here.

(Hero image credit: Simon Migaj via Unsplash)

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