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Bliss is ever-brewing in Tioman Island’s Japamala Resort

Here’s everything you need to know about the exclusive Japamala Resort on Pahang’s beautiful Tioman Island.

Surrounded by the vast South China Sea, Tioman Island in Pahang is a remarkable and charming paradise. The turquoise sea and 150-million-year old rainforest take centre stage on the island, a marine park on Malaysia’s east coast. To get there, Johor’s Mersing Jetty awaits as the ferry transports you to an idyllic realm. When you’re at Tioman Island, that’s when a luxury boutique resort — Japamala Resort — enters the picture. It’s the place to stay and rejuvenate.

Exclusive through and through, the 16-room island resort prides itself in offering the “eco-luxe” concept. At Japamala Resort, expect to experience utmost relaxation alongside the crystal clear ocean views, towering boulders, steep cliffs and natural streams.  You will be one with nature, just how the establishment was designed to be. Coexistence with Tioman Island’s flora and fauna is prioritised, including during the 10 years it took to build Japamala Resort.

Exterior and interior of the sanctuary uses materials — such as bamboo and timber —sourced directly from Malaysia’s indigenous tribes. Moreover, craftsmen from the resort are responsible for concocting all the handmade wooden fixtures that are utilised to fuse with glass windows and polished cement. Thus, giving birth to the chic yet rustic appearance aesthetics that Japamala Resort has come to be known for.

Accommodations at Japamala Resort comprise beachside villas, hillside sarangs and wooden chalets. From the 16 rooms available, there’s also the luxurious Penghulu’s House. Urban yet traditional in design, this is the sole double-storey and two-bedroom villa at the resort. This heightens its uniqueness and exclusivity. Upstairs in the main bedroom, wondrous sights of the sea beckons while private swimming pool can be accessed directly from the bedroom on the lower floor.

Perfect for couples, families and even individuals looking for some time away, the resort sure has lots to offer. Looking to do a little shopping? Head over to Samadhi Boutique where you can discover a plethora of products — from Asian antiques and one-of-a-kind clothings to items from the Samadhi Spa. Speaking about the spa, Japamala Resort’s wellness space executes its treatments like unparalleled experiences. Rejuvenate as you relax in a spa jacuzzi or unwind over a mani-pedi. After all, self-care is a must.

When you’re already in an incomparable location such as Tioman Island, there’s really no need to head anywhere else for food. In fact, Japamala Resort has a few F&B spots in its space. That includes Mandi-Mandi, a restaurant housed in an overhanging pavilion above the waters. Here, international flavours are available or if you want to watch the sunset, complement that moment with a tipple or two. For Indochinese and Thai dishes, there’s Tamarind Tioman. The all-day dining house is an elegant dining area that showcases the grandeurs of Asian gastronomy.

Like many Samadhi Retreats establishments, sustainability plays a massive role. Here at Japamala Resort, responsible tourism is highlighted — from not importing plastic water bottles to only utilising second-hand timber. This means that the natural river surround the resort is used to produce reverse osmosis drinking water and construction does not involve the cutting of trees.

It goes without saying that Japamala Resort is a jewel, a prime example of top-of-the-class Malaysian hospitality. It’s a journey to get there but the adventure is worth it. From the sublime surroundings to the impeccable guest rooms, the luxury island resort is the epitome of bliss. Ah, now… take us there!

Learn more about Japamala Resort HERE.

(All photos by Japamala Resort)

Bliss is ever-brewing in Tioman Island’s Japamala Resort

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