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Neighbourhood guide: Bangsar is more than just a haven for alcoholics

When people talk of Bangsar, their thoughts immediately stray to their favourite bars. Unfortunately, that is how most millennials would associate the vibrant neighbourhood. And in all fairness, they’re probably right as Bangsar is famous for housing plenty of popular watering holes. However, there is more to this affluent suburban residential area than just a good night out.

Bangsar resides just outside of the KL city centre where the real hustle and bustle happens. Its population is a good mix between all three ethnic groups that make up Malaysia’s demographic. However, the growing wave of expats moving in has since seen the rise of new businesses around the neighbourhood.

From dawn until dusk, there is always something to do in Bangsar. Be sure to scroll down below to check out our recommendations.

Where to eat


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Bangsar has plenty of eateries on its repertoire. There’s always something for everyone, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even supper. What’s great is that every month or so, a new restaurant or cafe will open its doors, sending the public into a frenzy. Brunch is an especially popular option when in Bangsar with plenty of choices.

There are places like VCR and Yeast Bistronomy along Jalan Telawi as well as Nutmeg within Bangsar Village II. Within the Telawi square is Borneo Restaurant & Bar, one of the latest introductions into the neighbourhood for an authentic Bornean cuisine experience.

There is also Lisette’s Café & Bakery, which is located on the same stretch as the famed local watering hole, Coley. Another location would be Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) for dim sum, the quintessential Chinese breakfast of champions.


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Mangiiare Dine & Bar is a also great pitstop for Italian cuisine and just a stone’s throw away from it is APW, where you will find popular names like PULP and The Breakfast Thieves.

Where to drink

Aside from the few names mentioned above, Bangsar still has plenty to offer when you feel like throwing back a drink or two. Be sure to check out our bar guide of Bangsar to find out where you can head to for a drink.


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If you’re looking for something that doesn’t involve alcohol, Niko Neko Matcha is your one-stop destination for matcha. Coffee is also widely available in Bangsar with Podgy in Lorong Kurau being a popular figure. Of course, earlier mentions like PULP and VCR are also known for a caffeine-induced high.

As for bars, some other establishments that are not on our bar guide of Bangsar include Knowhere, which has a good balance of both food and drinks. Pacific Standard at Alila Bangsar is one of the few bars that will stand the test of time.

What to do

Crazy Monkey Defense, Bangsar (Source)

What’s great about Bangsar is that it’s all about balance. With the number of restaurants and cafés scattered across, thankfully there are plenty of choices if you ever wanted a good workout. Within Jalan Telawi lies Monarchy MMA gym, which specialises in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and krav maga to say a few. Aside from that, Crazy Monkey Defense Bangsar is also another alternative if you’re looking for something more modern and contemporary.

But if hand-to-hand combat isn’t your cup of tea, there are still other choices in Bangsar. The Flow Studio doubles as both a yoga and pilates studio, arguably one of the best in town.

The Flow Studio (Source)

However, one of the biggest workout trends over the past few years have been CrossFit training. Head over to Playground or  CrossFit Lah to sweat it out with movements that combine strength, mobility, and body conditioning training.

Neighbourhood guide: Bangsar is more than just a haven for alcoholics

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