For those of us who travel a lot, airline safety videos are becoming a boring routine when we board our flights. Most of us have already subconsciously memorised the safety guidelines in our head, and we can’t deny feeling a little annoyed when we have to watch the airline safety video before getting to choose our favourite movie or music playlist from the in-flight entertainment system.

In a bid to engage customers, recent years have seen several airlines introducing more interesting safety videos that go beyond simply running through the usual steps of getting into the brace position or reaching for oxygen masks. Some have spruced up their pre-flight videos by adding choreographed dances or even celebrity cameos to the routine. 

One of the pioneers of this trend was Virgin America, which in 2008 created an animated safety video laced with dark humour and sarcasm, with the narrator sprouting lines such as: “Keep in mind that your seat cushion is not a floating device, so please, don’t take it with you.” The video was a hit, and kickstarted a string of creative airline safety videos by many other airlines in the following years.

Last month, British Airways jumped on the bandwagon with a humorous video made in collaboration with Comic Relief and BBH London. The six-minute production follows comedian Asim Chaudry as he auditions a few British acting talents to be in a safety video. We couldn’t keep ourselves from laughing as we watched celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, actors Ian McKellen and Rowan Atkinson, as well as actresses Thandie Newton and Gillian Anderson, trying to audition and each one failing in their own awkward ways.

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