You might think that all there is to do in Penang is eat. You’re not wrong, but there are many other things to do on the island too — one of them includes shopping for souvenirs. But if you’re planning to get something that isn’t overly basic, you’ll need to check out some lifestyle stores in Penang.

Lifestyle stores are not uncommon in KL. Stocking well-curated goods and artisanal products, the trend has naturally made its way to Penang too. What makes it even better is that these lifestyle stores in Penang take place in its famous colonial shophouses, offering both old and new world settings in one location. 

Expect handmade goods, fashion pieces that you won’t be able to find in regular shopping malls, as well as journals you can customise to your own liking. It’s time to start shopping — read our list below. 

Sixth Sense

China House is a must-visit for anyone heading to Penang (here are some other cafes you can check out), so you might have noticed a good looking shop next to the cafe. It is in fact, Sixth Sense, a lifestyle store that stocks minimalist women’s clothing, accessories, decorative homeware such as ceramic and gold metal plates, and more. We love the high ceilings and the warm natural light that floods the space alongside its rustic design.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @mossingarden)

Mano Plus

Also along Beach Street is Mano Plus, a lifestyle store that you won’t want to leave. There’s an in-house cafe too called Fuku Eatery, which means you can spend an even longer time there. There’s a corner where you can design your own personalised journal as well as an array of artisanal stationery to make your bullet journaling process more exciting. There are also clothes, bags, and even artisanal chocolate available for sale in Mano Plus. When you’re done shopping, walk over to the back for some coffee at Fuku Eatery or head upstairs to view the furniture pieces on sale. 

(Image credit: Facebook/ Mano Plus)


If gorgeous stationery has you going weak at the knees, you’re going to want to visit Writer. There are two outlets: one in Gurney Plaza and another on Lebuh Campbell. Needless to say, you should visit the latter for a more authentic experience. Here, you’ll be able to stock up on all your stationery needs. We’re talking brushes, pens, notebooks, rubber stamps, washi tapes, and more. Your bullet journal is going to be the prettiest one out there with this arsenal of products in your hands.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @sparrow_tweets)

The Warung

Don’t come here expecting a cafe, because this “warung” refers to a mini-market instead. The Warung champions homegrown brands, hence you’ll find that most of the artisanal products sold here are locally made. You can find the usual suspects here of leather-bound planners, hand-poured scented candles, minimal clothing, funky socks, and more. Also housed in a colonial shophouse, the store’s whitewashed front immediately stands out, while its rustic and exposed-brick interior will have millennials snapping away. 

(Image credit: Facebook/ The Warung)


Fancy yourself to be a plant parent? Then grow your garden further with the various bonsai that M’atural has. The store offers workshops on how to care for and shape your bonsai plant, and there’s also a bonsai gallery to up your zen levels. Order a dessert and coffee, chill out, and bask in the greenery. If you’d like to adopt a pot, you can too. 

(Image credit: Facebook/ M’atural)

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