Although Perth is one of the world’s most remote capital cities, it’s an immensely fascinating one — where you get to enjoy beautiful beaches (some are even in the middle of the city), farmers’ markets, and cafes with organic and artisanal produce. While we agree that it is possible to experience it all in a weekend, the city is only the gateway to the rest of Western Australia’s treasures.

One of the largest states in the world (about the size of Western Europe and one-third of Australia’s total landmass), the relatively untouched Western Australia offers a diverse climate, rich history, and rare flora and fauna — best discovered on four wheels. You can’t say you’ve been to Western Australia until you drive the length of its coasts, rolling country landscapes, and tall tree forests that look like they belong in a movie scene (cue Twilight).

As Western Australia is such a vast region, planning a trip can be rather overwhelming. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to identify the 5 best road trips to take from Perth, to ensure you get to enjoy everything it has to offer — including pastel pink lakes, camels on beaches, and dinosaur footprints.

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