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The best road trips in Australia for your next great adventure

Taking part in road trips is always a good idea, no matter where you are. While many can partake in road trips around Malaysia, it really isn’t the same thing, especially when other countries offer a different climate alongside breathtaking views. But if you’re looking for the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank, here are the very best road trips in Australia.

Now you may be wondering, what can Australia offer? In a nutshell, much more than one can possibly imagine. Australia is very high up on the list alongside New Zealand to having one of the best scenic routes ever. This is due to its expansive landscape, which offers you a different look to what Australia is like besides its sprawling cities.

While driving takes much longer than an actual flight, some of the sights Australia has to offer overshadow the scenery you will get from a bird’s eye view. It’s time to swap out the boarding pass for a road map; here are the very best road trips in Australia for your next great adventure.

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The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

To kickstart the list, we take a look at the Great Ocean Road, arguably one of the most popular road trip stretches in Australia. The entire journey highlights the beauty of the entire Victorian coast, stretching from Torquay to Warrnambool. The 250km drive also brings along with it the most scenic coastline in the country; the 12 Apostles being the highlight of the drive. However, don’t try rushing through everything else to get there as the Great Ocean Road drive has much more to offer than just that. Apollo Bay and Port Campbell National Park are some noteworthy stops to include in your drive. Towering sunburnt cliffs and the rainforest all but await you on your journey.

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The Savannah Way, Queensland and Western Australia

Also known as ‘Australia’s Adventure Drive’, the Savannah Way spans an epic 3,700km route from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland to the historic pearling town of Broome in Western Australia’s Kimberley. Through this journey, you will get to witness some of Australia’s greatest sights, which include its tropical savannahs, national parks, world heritage sites, and exotic beaches. You will also witness the Northern Territory’s remote Top End as well as an abundant wildlife and ancient gorges. The drive will take days to complete so be sure you are fully prepared on your upcoming journey.



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Great Beach Drive, Queensland

The Great Beach Drive is another road trip with the word ‘great’ in its name so it’s pretty clear you’re in for a good time. The drive spans 380km while taking in the best that Queensland has to offer. This includes Australia’s Nature Coast: Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast, while the ever majestic Fraser Island is just a stone’s throw away. The entire drive also features plenty of scenic beaches for one to choose from along the way while being one hell of a drive from start to finish.

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Great Alpine Road, Victoria

The Great Alpine Road places a heavy emphasis on mountaintops and beaches, running from Wangaratta in the north to Bairnsdale in the east. You will also pass through the Victorian Alps, which is another adventure altogether. The entire journey sprawls across 308km of dips, curves, and long stretches where you will get to enjoy the beauty of Victoria at its fullest. Summer brings forth the lush rainforests while winter introduces snow in a big way for your road trip.

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Gibb River Road, Western Australia

If you’re looking to take things to the next level, the Gibb River Road is your best bet. It spans over 660km of rugged, all-terrain goodness that is only suitable for 4WD vehicles. Along the way you will run into the Windjana Gorge National Park while both Mitchell Falls and Mitchell Plateau feature some of the best flying experiences in the whole of Australia as well as the entire world. Gorges are also aplenty on the Gibb River Road drive with Bell Gorges, Adcock, Galvins and King Leopold Ranges being just some of the more popular gorges you will run into en-route.

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Grand Pacific Drive, New South Wales

The Grand Pacific Drive in New South Wales starts you off at an easy 140km journey from Sydney Royal National Park and all the way down south to Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama. Some of the best sights that will be included on this adventure include the Sea Cliff Bridge and the Minamurra Rainforest. If you’re looking to cool off, check out the Jamberoo Action Park for a fun-filled day with waterslides. Jervis Bay is also around the vicinity where you can bask in the white sand and the blue ocean alongside the Sapphire Coast with its crystal clear waters.

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Legendary Pacific Coast, Sydney

The popular east coast road trip known as the Legendary Pacific Coast will have you schlepping from Sydney to Brisbane in an insane 900km journey. The entire journey stretches through to the Pacific Coast corridor, which has something for everyone to enjoy. This includes pristine beaches, beachside and riverside towns, rolling hills, and even wineries. The Hunter Valley is one such winery that should be bookmarked for a visit as well as Byron Bay, just because it is one of the most popular attractions you’ll find along the way.

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