Ask any Perth denizen about its dining scene 10 years ago, and it’s likely that the words “boring” or “uneventful” would have come up. Not anymore, as we’ve recently discovered during the Australian Tourism Exchange 2019, held in the same state. This Western Australia city was served to us on a plate, and we delighted in going through a gastronomic tour of these newer Perth restaurants.

Now known for more than just its fish and chips, these Perth restaurants took the full opportunity in using the country’s freshest local produce to create dishes that are as delicious as they are healthy. Beyond creating a delectable menu, the local dining scene also places great importance in creating the perfect ambience to ensure that its patrons get the full experience.

However, it’s not all just brunch culture and avocado toasts. While Perth is emulating the same success that Melbourne and Sydney experienced from its hip cafes, they’ve also taken a grownup approach by introducing more sophisticated restaurants. A handful of these restaurants even champion the use of indigenous ingredients thanks to chefs with aboriginal roots, something truly unique to Australia. No longer is Perth quiet and boring, hidden away from the rest of Australia.

Below are just some of the Perth restaurants we got to try during our time there, showing us how exciting the dining scene has evolved into, and why you should revisit Australia’s sunniest capital.