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5 luxe activities in Bali that shockingly don’t involve the beach

When you’re thinking about what to do in Bali, the first and most obvious activity is to go to the beach. Lounging, playing water sports, or simply reading a book and zoning out under the blue skies. After all, the island of the Gods is known for its beautiful soft sand and breath-taking views. What’s not to love?

However, the beach is just the beach — once you are done lounging around, you might want to look for other activities that don’t involve the sand and sun. You can be assured that these top-notch activities will not only enrich you as a person, but also reward you with gorgeous photos to remember your holiday by.

Take it from us: there’s simply no way to take a bad picture of a volcano while on a helicopter or when you’re having dinner fit for royalty at one of Bali’s most famous landmarks, the Tanah Lot Temple. But even while you’re on holiday, there’s no reason to stop learning especially when you can take up a cooking class from Heinz von Holzen, a cookbook author and one of the famous chefs of the world.

Craft your itinerary for your next Bali trip with five other activities to do that’s off the beach.

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Dine with lions at Tsavo Lion Restaurant in Bali Safari & Marine Park

Located within the Bali Safari & Marine Park and right beside the lion’s exhibition area, guests can enjoy fine cuisine at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant while keeping a close eye on the pride of lions nearby. Just imagine all the double tapping you’ll get on social media when your followers see that you’ve just had a fine dinner with the king of the jungle.

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Take a helicopter ride to view the volcanic Mount Batur

Why hike up Mount Batur to get a glimpse of the volcanic mountain and a bird’s eye view of Bali when you can take a helicopter ride instead? From the comfort of plush leather seats and air conditioning, view the surroundings of Bali like you’ve never seen before, including that of the serene Lake Batur and its surrounding area.

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Enjoy the Diamond Miracle massage at the Spa at AYANA Resort

You’ve read our picturesque spas to visit in Asia, but this spot takes luxury to the next level. Pick the Diamond Miracle massage at the Spa at AYANA Resort and you’ll be able to experience the wonders of a diamond dust facial whilst sipping on champagne and feasting on strawberries. The spa itself is not too shabby either, located on top of a huge rock by the sea.

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Learn how to cook Balinese cuisine at Bumbu Bali

What’s a holiday without learning a thing or two? Sign up for a cooking class at the Bumbu Bali and learn not just how to cook traditional Balinese cuisine, but also about the exotic ingredients used in its cooking. Most classes are conducted by Heinz von Holzen who has published six acclaimed cookbooks. Spend the day learning how to cook traditional Balinese dishes ranging from savoury to sweet and leave with recipes and newfound skills that you can utilise for the rest of your life.

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View the sunset at Tanah Lot Temple privately before having a Royal Tugudom dinner

Perhaps best reserved for a romantic date night out, this activity begins with a private viewing of Tanah Lot Temple’s famed sunsets. The romanticism continues with a walk on the beach towards Hotel Tugu Bali, where you will then have the Royal Tugudom dining experience. It’s an age-old ceremonial dinner of the Majapahit kingdom, where you will get to experience how a royal guest is served with a parade of staff dressed in traditional costumes of villagers, soldiers, and dancers.

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